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As I have mentioned in Part 3 of my Coronavirus Newsletter, the number of useful remedies for this pandemic is beginning to expand. Here is a list of the remedies that I and other homeopathic physicians are using. Some of these remedies are being used by homeopaths in Italy. It includes my original 3 remedies:


Antimonium Arsenicosum
Antimonium Tartaricum
Arsenicum Album
Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Kali Bichromicum

Some of this information comes from Italian homeopaths who report that homeopathy has been effective in treating patient showing signs and symptoms of Covid-19. Please keep in mind that everything that you may be reading about homeopathy and Covid-19 concerns mild outpatient cases. With the possible exception of India, as far as I know, homeopaths are not permitted to treat Covid-19 patients in a hospital setting. However, preventing a mild case from worsening and requiring hospitalization is a very big accomplishment.
So you can see that having a kit makes sense so you don’t have to scramble around to find the next remedy. The ideal kit is the one offered by Washington Homeopathic products and sold via the Remedy Source website. Unfortunately, this kit is out of stock until late April. There are other kits that I have identified from reputable vendors; however, they are in the 30C potency and not the 200C. That’s okay. It just means that you would have to plus the remedy more frequently. You can try Hahnemann Labs Expanded Home Remedy Kit for $161.95 or TXOptions Natural Health Supply 30C Emergency Kit for $139.00.  Pay attention to what you are ordering. Hahnemann Labs has all the kits listed on the same page so you’ll have to scroll down to the Expanded Home Remedy Kit.
No kit is perfect and all the kits mentioned above have gaps: Remedy Source and TxOptions are missing Eupatorium. Hahnemann Labs is missing Antimonium Tartaricum and nobody has Antimonium Arsenicosum in their kits. Remedy Source does have the missing remedies and Antimonium Arsenicosum as a single remedy so if you are buying one of the 30C kits mentioned above, then fill in the gaps by buying the necessary single remedies from Remedy Source and get them in the 200C potency even if you are buying a 30C kit.
There is one final thing I need to mention and that is the strange behavior of this virus. Usually, during yearly flu epidemics that I have managed over the years, there are 1-2 main remedies that will treat most patients and some of those patients will go on to need another remedy to finish up the cure. This pandemic is different. Patients may do well on the first remedy but then need to switch to a second remedy or a third. Then they will require the original remedy again to finally finish their treatment. I have never seen this before. I don’t know what it means and I hope that future antibody testing will help clarify what is going on.
I am working on introducing telemedicine visits to my practice. This may take a couple of weeks to get up and running. Soon you should be able to schedule telemedicine sessions directly from the website for Covid-19 related concerns or anything else. Private insurance companies and Medicare have changed their policies and will offer reimbursement for telemedicine during the pandemic. As with the phone consultations, you’ll receive a reduced rate and you will only be charged once. Follow up phone calls and telemedicine sessions will be done without charge and the details will be on the website. Just go to my home page and click on “Corona Pandemic Update”.
Stay Home and Stay Well,

Dr. M

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