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The pandemic is certainly upon us now and so I thought that you might like to read an article from 1921 published in the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy about the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, so I created a blog entry for it. I am confident that homeopathy will again rise to the occasion despite the tiny number of homeopathic physicians around these days. With social media, once we clarify the best remedies for this virus, word will itself spread like the virus.

What is missing now is an antibody test. We have various tests that you hear about on the news. These Covid-19 tests measure the amount of viral genetic material present in a patient’s body. It tests for the presence of the virus at the time the test is administered. What we need is a serological test, one that measures the levels of antibodies to the virus present in a patient’s blood. This type of test is able to measure both the acute phase of an infection and the chronic phase of an infection. We will be able to test which patients actually had Covid-19 months before the test is administered. This way, by looking at which patients I have treated and which are antigen positive, I will be able to know whether or not I was treating Covid-19. If I have been, I will publish an article and ask everyone to circulate the information on social media.

So right now all I can honestly say is that there is a respiratory illness out there that I have been treating for the past several weeks and just like the yearly flu epidemics I treat every year, there are 2-3 remedies that most patients seem to need. I cannot yet say that this respiratory illness is Covid-19.

The first is Gelsemium 200C – this is useful when you feel like you might be coming down with something. There can be chills and a low grade fever (100 degrees or less) or you might take your temperature and find it is actually below normal. There can be body aches (muscular) and also muscle tension, spasms and a kind of tension headache that involves the head, neck and even the face or jaw. Patients who need Gelsemium will feel tired, weary and not have much interest in anything. The condition will drag on for several days. The mind/head can feel dizzy, dull or drowsy.  There can be sneezing with watery nasal discharge. There can be a sore and burning throat. The Gelsemium cough is usually a dry one. There can be diarrhea but it is usually at the end of the course as the body sheds the virus through the stool.  This Gelsemium state will slowly resolve itself over the course of several days to a week.

The next is Senega 200C and this is sometimes needed after the Gelsemium state has mostly passed but the patient is left with a chronic cough with mucus in the chest which may rattle upon coughing or a deep inhalation. Please note that sometimes patients go right into a Senega state; it doesn’t always follow Gelsemium. The Senega state does have fever, headache (dull) and may have inflammation of the eyelids with discharge from the eyes. There is much nasal discharge and a lot of sneezing. There can be a sore throat which is burning with mucus in the throat. There can be hoarseness, much coughing which can hurt the back. There is a lot of mucus in the chest which rattles and it can be difficult to expectorate. The chest can feel sore in spots and it becomes difficult to breath when walking upstairs. The chest can feel heavy like there is a weight pressing on it.

The latest remedy to emerge is Antimonium Arsenicosum 200C, it is also known as Antimonium Arsenicicum. This is a rare remedy and there isn’t much written about it. It is useful for pneumonia after influenza and there is shortness of breath and cough with much mucus. There is weakness, fever and inflammation of the eyes and swelling of the face. It has in its symptom picture the triad of fever, cough and shortness of breath.  I have broken my own rule of not listing a remedy during an epidemic unless I have used it successfully at least six times but this is a special situation. I have used this remedy with a patient who had taken Gelsemium and did well, then relapsed. She had taken Senega and relapsed. She finally overcame her illness after a few doses of Antimonium Arsenicosum 200C and is recovering nicely at home never having to go to the hospital.  So my advice is to obtain these three remedies as soon as you can. Supplies may be limited and the staff may not be available to fill the orders for too much longer.  You can consider it this way: try Senega after Gelsemium fails; try Antimonium Arsenicosum after Senega fails. If you are confused please reach out to me and we can discuss your symptoms.  

Please note that at any stage of any of these three remedy states, you may develop diarrhea. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch to another remedy. It is just your body’s way of shedding the virus. It is important to keep hydrated with more than just water. Drink watered down juices, soups, sports drinks or Pedialyte that contain necessary electrolytes.  If you are sharing a bathroom please be considerate and clean the toilet and sink areas after each use.  It is also important to NOT take medication for a fever lower than 102 degrees. The fever is part of a healthy immune response to the virus and most of these upper respiratory viruses are heat labile (sensitive), meaning that they die off easier with heat so why would you want to turn that protection off?  If you feel achy, then use a heating pad for one hour, 2-3 times a day. Apply the pad to the most painful area(s). Taking a hot bath or shower might also help the muscle aches.

Dosing – As I stated in the previous newsletter, you can take these remedies 1-2 times per day. The first dose is dry. Subsequent doses are plussed. To read about plussing a remedy, click this link.

Here are a few other announcements: The office is currently closed for in-person visits.  You can schedule yourself for a phone consultation from the website. Just click on “established patients” and follow the cues. The fee for the phone consultation has been reduced during the pandemic. My secretary will be checking the voice mail for messages at least once a day, Monday thru Friday. When you call the office listen carefully for the outgoing message and follow the cues. Don’t hang up and keep calling back – LISTEN - to the outgoing announcement please. The announcement will tell you how to reach me by phone.

We don’t know how long travel restrictions and social distancing rules will be in place so it is important for those of you who don’t have a home remedy kit to order one. I know it seems pricey but the remedies don’t expire and the kit can literally last your entire life! You can get replacement vials from the manufacturer when you run low on a particular remedy. The cost is less than a course of some of the newer antibiotics purchased without coverage from your insurance plan.  Here is the home remedy kit link from my website. If they are out of stock, then call either Washington Homeopathic or Remedy Source and asked to be put on an email list so they can contact you when the kits are back in stock. I have absolutely no financial interests in these websites or manufacturers. I am not an Amazon sales affiliate. My only connection is that I am a customer. I want to thank both HomeoCare Labs and Remedy Source for making Antimonium Arsenicosum available for sale to the public.

PLEASE do not email me or call my office if you are having problems ordering any of the remedies or the kit. Call the company directly. PLEASE do not email me or call me to ask if any of these remedies can be used as a preventive. As I have said before, I can’t know that until we have the antibody test.

Most importantly, follow the rules about social distancing, etc. I believe that within the next several weeks the number of new cases will continue to rise as testing increases but that the number of deaths may begin to fall. It is my hope that by May or June I will be able to reopen the office. I will let you know via this newsletter. I have also placed a new menu button on my home page. That link will take you to a pandemic page that will have announcements on it as well.

Please use social media, etc. to spread the word about the remedies I am using. Even if I am not treating Covid-19, there is real value to helping people with upper respiratory symptoms during this pandemic. Fear and anxiety only complicate things and weaken our immune systems and our resolve.

Stay well. ‘Till next time…..
Dr. M


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