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ReserveVoice: May 15, 2017

Legislative Update

Congress Passes Defense Budget for Fiscal Year 2017

ROA clout on the Hill makes solid gains for Reserve Force

Congress recently put an end to the government Continuing Resolution by passing a budget through September 30, 2017.  Thanks to the hard work of the national office legislative team and all the ROA Departments and members who participated in “Red Hat” events or meetings.

The budget included $207M for two Boeing C-40A Clippers for the Navy Reserve; these are highly modified B-737s used for special cargo.  ROA, responding to USNR needs (and essentially alone among military groups), went to bat for these airplanes; we got them authorized and funded; and now the Navy Reserve will have them!

Here are ROA’s other successes in addition to the Navy Reserve’s C-40As

  • $60M for HMMWV ambulances for Army National Guard and Army Reserve.
  • $750M for National Guard Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA); this includes ROA priorities for large aircraft infrared countermeasures (LAIRCM), chemical & biological protective shelters, and Marine Corps tactical radio digital comms.
  • $136M for 15 UH-60 Blackhawks for Army National Guard.
  • A-10: $43M for aircraft and wing replacement.
End Strength:
  • Army Reserve increase of 4,000.
  • Army National Guard increase of 8,000.
  • The remaining Guard and Reserve services were funded at their requested levels.
ROA also had the following wins in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2017:
  • Eliminated inequities in amounts of survivor benefits paid to families of RC members dying while on inactive duty training orders. (This was one of two “Operation ” initiatives; the other is veteran status for federal hiring preference, which we’re fighting for now.)
  • Prompted Congress to require DoD to review why it is flaunting the law and not permitting RC spouses to fly Space-A on military flights.
This is ROA’s value proposition in action. Your ROA is making a difference for today’s Reserve and for the nation.  The next time you have the opportunity to answer the question (or not even wait for the question): “What has ROA done for me?” -- you have some dynamite responses.

Yellow Ribbon Events

Yellow Ribbon events help deployed members and their families with essential resources prior to departure and during deployment.After deployment they help with the successful re-integration back to their Guard and Reserve job, as well as, with their family.
ROA Departments and Chapters are encouraged to participate at these events to tell attendees about ROA.
EventPlus lists all the scheduled Yellow Ribbon events across components.  Most event coordinators welcome associations to participate by providing information to deploying and re-deploying servicemembers and their families.  This could include the Law Center resource for civilian employment information and ROA’s legislative agenda and accomplishments.
These are great events to recruit new members!

Army Update

Secretary of Army Nominee Withdraws

The second nominee for Secretary of Army, Mark Green, has withdrawn his nomination.  As opposition to his nomination built in the Senate he stated he did not want his nomination to be a distraction to the administration.

Combat Troops Will Get New, Lighter
Gear in 2018

From 2018 to 2021, troops could see a replacement for the improved outer tactical vest, new head protection that resembles a motorcycle helmet, and eyewear that goes from light to dark in under a second.  The lighter gear was tested by Fort Carson, Colorado in December.

Sea Services

Navy Update

North Carolina-Univ. of NC Naval ROTC Awards Day

On April 27, 2017, the Naval ROTC faculty and midshipmen of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill participated in an awards  ceremony to recognize and honor the accomplishments of outstanding individuals in the current school year.
Two Reserve Officers Association awards were presented by Colonel Bill Hindman (Retired). 
Midshipman 1/C Carter Bowman received the ROA Gold Medal, and Midshipman 2/C Carlos Urquilla received the ROA Silver Medal.
Both individuals had achieved high standards in multiple areas including academics, physical fitness, and overall demonstrated leadership.
The entire event was professionally managed in a beautiful setting with Captain Stephen M. Gillespie, Commanding Officer and Professor of Naval Science presiding.

Marine Corps Update

Two Marines killed in Chattanooga shooting receive highest non-combat award

By Lance Cpl. Niles Lee, Marine Corps Forces Reserves

Attendees stand for the posting of the colors during a ceremony posthumously awarding the Navy and Marine Corps Medal to Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan and Staff Sgt. David Wyatt at Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga, Tenn., May 7, 2017. Attendees of the ceremony included Maj. Gen. Burke W. Whitman, commanding general of 4th Marine Division, Sgt. Maj. Michael A. Miller, sergeant major of 4th MARDIV and family members of GySgt Thomas Sullivan and SSgt David Wyatt.
US Marine Corps Reserve Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan and Staff Sgt. David Wyatt were awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the highest non-combat award in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on May 7, 2017. These two servicemembers were awarded the medal for their actions during the shooting that occurred at the Naval Operational Support Center in July of 2015.
Sullivan and Wyatt both took charge in the evacuation of unit personnel and contacting authorities. They returned to the scene of the incident when personnel were accounted for, risking their lives to save others. > READ MORE

Coast Guard Update

Man, 89, rescued in harbor after sailboat fall, Coast Guard says

Reserve duty never stops – because it is a heart-level calling, not a job.  Two USCGR members saved a man in Long Island who had fallen off his boat and was stuck in the cold water unable to get to safety.  Not on a weekend drill – on a Monday evening. Read the William Murphy article on

Air Force Update

Calls Made for a “Good” Government Shutdown

The Fiscal Year 2017 budget finally passed but the intervening six months of a continuing resolution were hard on the Reserve Components.  “This downward spiral of CR impact applies to both flying and support units and comes at a poor time as the Air Force Reserve already faces stiff competition from the civilian sector for quality manpower.”  ROA’s legislative initiative for a biennial military personnel account would help overcome periods of time when the budget has not made it through Congress into law. 

Dolphins Hitch a Ride in a C-17

U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program dolphin trainers tend to their dolphins before a flight from Naval Air Station Key West, Fla., to NMMP in San Diego April 29, 2017. The dolphins are trained to find mines because of their excellent sonar and ability to perform many repeat deep water dives. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Nicole Leidholm)
Air Force Reservists helped they Navy out by transporting four Bottlenose Dolphins to the U.S. Naval Marine Mammal Program, San Diego.  The dolphins help the Navy locate mines and enemy swimmers.

10th SFS to get full-time Reserve commander

By Laurie Wilson, U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs
The new top cop at the Air Force Academy is slated to arrive June 21. 
Lt. Col. Marcus Corbett will be the first Reserve officer to command the 10th Security Forces Squadron full time. He's also the first Reserve officer in Air Force history to command a security forces squadron
He said he looks forward to protecting an installation that hosts hundreds of high level annual events, including cadet graduation ceremonies, Parent’s Weekend and Falcon football games.

“The challenge is conducting these events in an efficient process while protecting the assets of the base,” Corbett said. “The beautiful thing is that I have a squadron full of Airmen and personnel who have approached this challenge and succeeded.”

Col. Ken Ohlson, 10th Mission Support Group commander, said Corbett was highly recommended. He confirmed that Corbett was one of five reservists to make the final candidate list for the position.
Ohlson said the Air Force is experiencing a decrease in available lieutenant colonels who have not yet commanded. 

Corbett’s last assignment was as an individual mobilization augmentee for the 50th Security Forces Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base, where he filled in for Lt. Col Michael Speck.
“Not all active duty security forces officers are selected to command,” Speck said in a Schriever news report. “It’s a competitive process. For a reservist to be selected [to command] is an achievement, especially for a high-profile unit like the Academy.” 

Before his assignment to Schriever, Corbett was assigned to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School and the Center for Character and Leadership Development. He was an active duty officer for 11 years before joining the Reserve.  
Corbett is a 1998 graduate of the Academy.

2017 VetREST Benefit Golf Outing & Dinner Gala

On 14 August, 2017 19KiloCoffee is presenting and producing a Golf outing and Dinner Gala Benefit/Silent Auction  at the Metuchen Golf and Country Club to assist VetREST in raising money to kick start their New Jersey Chapter.  The attached Golf/Gala Flyer provides more information along with individual and Sponsor registration forms. If you are interested in playing and/or attending the Gala, GREAT!  Fill out the Individual/Team Registration form and mail it in to the address on the form.  

About VetREST

The VetREST mission is to facilitate restoration, encouragement, solace, and training for our nation's veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) by helping them identify the cause of their PTS in an environment where their signature program can promote healing.
This is accomplished with Peer to Peer coaches assigned to each enrolled veteran.  The coaches are also veterans of similar rank who have experienced similar situations as the veteran with PTS.  The coaches develop trust and confidence because they have walked the walk.
This service is 100% free to our veterans and the coaches are paid with benefits.  It is fund raising events such as this one that keeps our coaches and suffering veterans in action.
To learn more about this benefit event and the good work of the VetREST organization, please visit their website

About 19KiloCoffee

19KiloCoffee’s mission is to raise money to help veterans in need through the sales of their specialty coffee. Tanker Dave, President & CEO of 19KiloCoffee knows personally the value of the VetREST program. He is a combat veteran of the Gulf War, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress, and has gone through the program directly with the CEO of VetREST. To learn more about 19KiloCoffee, please visit their website:

Military Families

Did you know that TRICARE offers free publications that explain your TRICARE benefit? Check out the new publications at


To publish your reunion notice in Reserve Voice, email or send by mail to
    ROA Reunion Notice
    1 Constitution Ave NE
    Washington, DC 20002

1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment

May 31 - June 4, 2017
Location: Columbus, GA
Download Registration Forms at Steel Tigers Website:
or by mail to: Bob Basner, P.O. Box 38, Birch Run, MI 48415

11th ACR / Blackhorse Association Reunion

When: Jun 7-11, 2017,
Hilton Marietta/Atlanta
500 Powder Springs St, Marietta, Georgia, 30064
Contact:  Scott Harrison, Phone: 813-944-8808, Email:

“Big Red One” 98th Annual Reunion

Hosted by Society of the First Infantry Division
Date: July 26-30, 2017
Location: Westin Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Details & reservation forms are available on Society’s website:,
Email: or Phone: 215-654-1969

USS Perkins (DD26, DD377, DDR877) 27th Annual Reunion

Date: August 17-19, 2017
Grapevine, TX
Contact: Billy & Sue Orr   Phone: 903-583-7641

U.S.S. Yellowstone (AD-27) Association Reunion

August 23-27, 2017
Hilton Gardens, Columbus , Ga.
Contact: Paul W. Bowen, Secretary/Treasurer & Reunion Planner
Cell: 352-208-5400  Email:

U.S.S. John R. Craig DD885

September 6-10, 2017
Norfolk, VA
Contact: Jerry Chwalek   Phone: 734-525-1469

U.S.S. Randolph/CV-CVA-CVS 15

September 17-24, 2017
2008 Radisson Hotel Cincinnati Riverfront
668 West Fifth St., Covington, KY 41011
Contact Sal Rizza,  321-454-2344

USS Ranger CVA/CV-61

(all former crew members, Squadrons, Marine detachment or T.A.D.’s
September 20-23, 2017
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick RI
Contact: George Meoli   Email:
Phone: 203-453-4279

USS Bremerton CA-130/SSN-698

24-29 September 2017
Portland, Oregon
Contact: N. Polanowski   Ph. 585-365-2316

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society Biennial Convention

September 24-28, 2017,
Dallas, Texas,
Contact: Bruce Huffman, Phone: 518-578-7089,

USS Saratoga CV-3, CVA-60, CV-60  66th Annual Reunion

Date: 27-30 Sept. 2017
Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY
POC: Ed McReady, 804-589-1170,

USS Wilhoite DE/DER 397

Date: October 2-5, 2017
Crowne Plaza Dayton  Ph: 1-800-689-5586
33 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio
Contact: Elisabeth Kimball  Email:
Ph: 479-280-2776

USS Sperry AS12 reunion

Oct 25 to 28, San Diego CA
Information at: or email
phone: 360 435-6919 if you have problem

12th TFW, MacDill AFB, FL; Cam Ranh AB & Phu Cat AB; 389 TFS & 480 TFS, Da Nang, Vietnam; 555th TFS 1964-66 and 12th FEW/SFW (Bergstrom AFB, TX & Korea), and all supporting units

Date: 4 – 7 April 2018  •  Location: Tucson, AZ
Contact: E. J. Sherwood • email: • Phone: 480-396-4681

Law Reviews:

Legal analysis on the issues impacting your life in and out of uniform

Former Service Member’s Law Center director, retired USNR Capt. Sam Wright, provides periodic law review updates.  Please see ROA’s Law Center webpage for more information on service members’ law.
  • No. 17042 Reserve Components Are a Repository of Cyber and other Critical Skills
  • No. 17043 How to Avoid Losing Your Retirement by Going to Work for an Entity of a Foreign Government
  • No. 17044 USERRA Precludes Employer-Initiated Lawsuits
  • No. 17045 Who Is the Named Plaintiff in a USERRA Lawsuit Initiated by DOJ?
  • No. 17046 Duty Performed under 10 U.S.C. 12310 Does Not Count in Qualifying a Reserve Component Member To Receive RC Retirement before Age 60
  • No. 17047 Important New USERRA Case from the 6th Circuit
  • No. 17048 Important New USERRA Case from the 6th Circuit—Part 2
Visit the ROA Service Members Law Center
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