Dear supporters of peace,

World peace has been the desire of the wise throughout time – a much sought-after and noble goal.

But how can such a goal be achieved, that until now has been impossible?
There is one method that is strikingly effective. It is easy, simple, and scientifically supported. This method has the ability to transform the World into a place of total and lasting harmony.

In only fourteen minutes you can learn how Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques can effectively create peace. A short and lively video explains simply and clearly, with animations and examples, the steps to achieve world peace, including the scientific research. 

A fascinating insight into how this project (in an ideal location in India) is being firmly established to fulfil this laudable goal.

The video highlights…

• One percent of a population: How such a small number achieves enormous results
• Conflict prevention: Magnetism and superconductivity illustrate the creation of peace
• Ideal positioning: Why India is the optimal location for this project 
• Maximum efficiency: How we can grow exponentially to achieve peace

Plus, you will hear brief impressions from Meditators – from Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, and USA – as they describe how participating in this project has brought purpose, happiness, and deep fulfilment to their lives. 
We invite you to take a few minutes to view this proven method to create permanent peace on Earth
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Thank you for your alert attention and your desire to see our world become a place of harmony, prosperity, and peace for all individuals, cultures, and nations.

With joy and warmest gratitude,


The Global Peace Initiative for every nation in the World
Your Ambassador
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