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9,000 peace-creating experts
will reside in this world capital


Dear supporters of peace,

As we discussed in our previous letters (letters 4 and 5), a group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits has already created great changes in recent history. Support for the Maharishi Vedic Pandit group in India alone makes this possible.

This great wave of peace is now growing, as young Pandits are being trained according to Maharishi’s curriculum and join their fellow Pandits in the centre of India. (Click
here to read letter 5.)
730 hectares for the creation of peace
The campus at the centre point, or Brahmasthan, of India was established by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a permanent residence for his highly trained Vedic Pandits.

Thanks to the generous support of numerous donors throughout the years, today the area consists of more than 200 buildings, including a Grand Assembly Hall, housing and dining quarters for the Pandits, and a beautiful campus for international guests. It currently accommodates more than 2,000 Pandits.

The campus is expanding to house more peacekeeping Vedic Pandits, as well as more visitors who wish to witness the splendid activity there.


The Brahmasthan campus is located in the geographic centre of India
It is truly is a place of splendour and peace. Many have described a ‘softness and silence’ that they have found nowhere else.
Still, there is much work to be done on its construction and development. However with sufficient funding, the Brahmasthan will grow to house 9,000 Vedic Pandits. In this way we will accomplish the peace and security of the entire world – from this one blessed place.
Experience the Brahmasthan for yourself

Thousands of guests from all parts of the world have taken advantage of the unique opportunity to visit the Brahmasthan. During this time they can participate in events, follow courses, and hear the live recitations of the Pandits.

When you visit the Brahmasthan, you too will enjoy that rare experience of listening to the large group of Pandits’ daily recitations live, plus precious recorded lectures by Maharishi, all at a high level of comfort and in a unique environment of silence that is perfect for deeper meditation. 

Guests may come to the Brahmasthan for courses, great experiences, and deep rest
Even if you are unable to travel there yourself, you can support the flourishing of this programme from a distance. This will ensure the Brahmasthan continues to grow and develop as the world capital of peace.

We are deeply grateful for whatever support you can offer this magnificent place. To learn more about this project, we invite you to visit our website

With our best wishes,

Your Ambassador
The Global Peace Initiative for every nation in the World 

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