1. Appreciation for the Chinese leadership 
2. Message from Ambassador Chich-chieh Lin


Its our great joy that ARO – International Ambassador Resource Office
award the title of Honorary Ambassador to:

Dr Yunxiang ZHU and Lijuan Cai, highly devoted leadership

and also dear JoAnn – a great light for China



– active networking Ambassador for China and Taiwan

Health Threat of Coronavirus in China and Other Nations Needs Your Urgent Help
Dear Members of TM Family,

Thanks to the great timely supports from generous and kind well-wishers from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, US, and many countries around the world, we are having the $50,000 Big Yagya going on for China from 7 to 17 February, and it’s the very first Big Yagya for China.

Yes, the outbreak is still ongoing, and the danger of it spreading globally is still there, and it’s hurting the global economy, because today China has 16% share of global GDP, and its role as the factory of the world.

The good news is, the Big Yagya is working! We can clearly see the number of daily new cases is declining. More countries like US, India and Japan have committed to give full supports to help China to resolve the issue. 

In our movement we have the great powerful tools from Maharishi for reversing any adverse tendency from the level of the collective consciousness:
Yoga and Yagya

In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we have already working on daily online group meditations at the same time for creating maximum coherence, and it has created beautiful atmosphere in the environment.

We urgently need another Big Yagya for ongoing support. We are targeting for raising another $50,000 for Big Yagya starting 21 February – the auspicious Maha Shivaratri.

The purpose (Sankalpa) of the Yagya will still be:
“Promoting right action for purity in the environment for the safety and health of China and the world”

We would like to invite anyone who is concerned by the situation of this global and local health threat to join us in this campaign. If you sponsor $1,250 for one full National Yagya for China, your name will be mentioned every day during the 11 days of the Yagya performance and you and your own nation will also receive the direct benefit of the Yagya. By participating in this $50,000 Big Yagya, every donor will be getting 40 times the benefits of donating 1 National Yagya alone!

With the collective supports from our Global TM family, WE CAN DO IT!

Please go here to donate and put CH108 in the campaign code field.

We must submit by 17 February.

Thank you for your timely action and support!

Jai Guru Dev

Chih-chieh Lin
Ambassador for China

Click to easily participate >National Yagyas  
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