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G L O B A L   P E A C E   I N I T I A T I V E 

An effective programme
for creating inner and outer peace

Dear Supporter of Peace,

Based on your own practice of Transcendental Meditation, you will most likely have experienced some reduction of stress, greater peace of mind, and many of the other benefits that naturally come from regular meditation. 

Now imagine what would happen if the whole world could experience a taste of these results. If the whole world began to act from a place of peace rather than stress, the crime rate would plummet, political, ethnic, and religious conflicts would dissolve, and all war would end. Scientists call this rise in positivity the Maharishi Effect. 

This beautiful vision is what the Global Peace Initiative, a scientifically validated project started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is working toward. Maharishi founded this initiative with the aim of ending all war and conflict and ensuring that peace can be created and maintained for all time, by all nations and cultures. And we are already seeing the beginnings of these results.

In the short newsletters that follow on from this, we will give you a picture of how individuals and nations all around the world are participating in this project and experiencing great progress. You will also hear about steps you can take to help bring permanent peace and prosperity to your nation and others.

There is a simple, scientific, and realistic solution to creating and maintaining global harmony. To learn more about this vital work, look for further messages from us. You may also ask your TM teacher about the Global Peace Initiative, or visit our websites and to learn more now.

With our best wishes, 

Your Ambassador
The Global Peace Initiative for every nation in the World 

Intro letter   Letter 1   Letter 2   Letter 3   Letter 4   Letter 5   Letter 6   Letter 7 
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