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December 12, 2019

Alameda County Sees Improvement Across Multiple Measures

CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DASHBOARD ALAMEDA COUNTY RESULTS, graphic with shape of Alameda County and indicator gauge.

Hayward, CA - Alameda County school districts are demonstrating consistent improvement in math, English language arts, college and career readiness and decreasing suspension rates, and some are making gains in graduation rates and reducing rates of chronic absenteeism, according to 2018-19 data released Thursday on the California School Dashboard.

The California Department of Education and the State Board of Education uses the annual release of the California School Dashboard, which has been in place since 2017, to illustrate how schools and districts are performing on state and local indicators.
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The Alameda County Office of Education has created a bank of resources to help families and educational communities to better understand the 11 indicators that are part of the California School Dashboard. You can access these short videos at
"The California School Dashboard provides a comprehensive look at how districts in Alameda County are serving our students as measured by academic, engagement and climate indicators," said L. Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent of Schools. "We continue to see progress being made, and our districts can celebrate some of the true successes represented in this data."
Number of Districts that Improved, Alameda County districts that showed improvement on indicators versus last year (Includes Alameda County's 18 school districts and the Alameda County Office of Education). Academic: English Language Arts: 15, Academic: Math: 13, Suspension Rate: 12, College & Career Readiness: 11, Graduation Rate: 8, Chronic Absenteeism: 6
*Includes Alameda County's 18 school districts and the Alameda County Office of Education


Every district in Alameda County is committed to focusing on the critical need for educational equity and continuous improvement in supporting populations of historically underserved student groups. While the Dashboard shows many districts in Alameda County narrowed the "opportunity gap" and demonstrated progress in numerous indicators, there continues to be student groups that show stagnant or decreased achievement rates. 

“We must focus on the persistent gap in achievement of students across our county and state and take clear steps to address this as one of the most significant issues facing public education today," said Superintendent Monroe. "The Alameda County Office of Education will work with our districts to engage in reflective review of this data and initiate the critical work of making improvements so that each student is supported to succeed."
Percentage of DISTRICTS CLOSING THE GAP for Specific Student Groups (Data includes districts that meet a minimum threshold of students within the group measured by the indicator. The gap refers to a difference in achievement between the overall student group and student groups with poorer outcomes.) Math Students with Disabilities: 63%, Suspensions African American Students: 59%, English Language Arts Hispanic Students: 76%
*Data includes districts that meet a minimum threshold of students within the group measured by the indicator.
**The gap refers to a difference in achievement between the overall student group and student groups with poorer outcomes.


Based on Dashboard results, a number of districts in Alameda County have been identified to receive Differentiated Assistance support. Differentiated Assistance is a year-long, state-mandated process that mobilizes specialized teams of Alameda County Office of Education staff to work closely with identified districts in targeted areas to assess strengths and weaknesses, then develop recommendations to address areas that need improvement.

More information on Differentiated Assistance can be found here.



The Dashboard continues to be accessible in Spanish and English, with the addition of Tagalog, Vietnamese and Mandarin for the 2019 release. 

The California Department of Education launched the CA Dashboard mobile app this year to increase access to data used in decision-making. Find the iOS and Android apps here.
Visit the California School Dashboard Webpage
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The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE), under the leadership of County Superintendent of Schools L. Karen Monroe, serves as liaison between the California Department of Education and the 18 Alameda County public school districts that serve more than 200,000 students and 10,000 teachers. ACOE provides oversight of district budgets and Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). ACOE also directly operates schools that serve Alameda County most vulnerable students: Court Schools at the Juvenile Justice Center, ACOE Opportunity Academy schools serving students 16 and older seeking a high school diploma, and Community Schools that serve foster youth, students in substance abuse treatment, pregnant and parenting teens, Probation-referred youth, and students expelled from their resident school districts. ACOE also runs the Infant & Family Support Program, which provides individualized service for children from birth to three years and their families. For more information, visit
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