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Weber County Supports an
Independent State Party Secretary

To Whom it May Concern:

The Weber County Republican Party Executive Committee passed the following resolution at their Executive Committee Meeting on November 9, 2017.

I was reminded at our last EC meeting that I hadn’t sent it yet as required by the resolution, so I am sending it now.


Weber County GOP Resolution In Support of a

Meaningful and Independent State Party Secretary

Whereas independent State Party Officers are essential to vibrant and orderly party operations and

Whereas Article III of the Utah Republican Party Constitution (2017) clearly delineates the roles and responsibilities of each party officer and

Whereas the State Party Secretary’s duties include providing notice, providing minutes and attendance records of the SCC, Executive Committee & the State Convention and

Whereas some have challenged this independent role by asserting the Secretary’s minutes should be edited or signed by another

Therefore the Weber County GOP hereby supports a strong and independent Utah Republican Party Secretary who shall independently create, edit, solely sign and distribute said meeting minutes as per our Constitution without hindrance or right of review by other party members prior to distribution by electronic or other means.

Be it further resolved the WCRGOP shall send a copy of this resolution via email or standard mail, if passed, to each State Party Officer (4) their staff, and the State Central Committee Members.

Now that I have shared our resolution with you, I'd like to point out a few other things.

Our state party Constitution refers to the duties of our independently elected party officers.

Utah Republican Party Constitution

B. Duties of Officers.

1. Chair. The State Party Chair shall serve, as Chair of the State Central Committee, and as Chair of the State Executive Committee. The Chair may appoint, subject to the approval of the State Central Committee, Party personnel and the General Counsel. The State Party Chair shall serve as liaison with the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah on all matters relating to state election laws. The term of office shall be two years.


3. Secretary. The State Party Secretary shall serve as Secretary of the State Central Committee, as Secretary of the State Executive Committee, and as Secretary of the State Convention. The Secretary shall provide required notice, minutes and attendance records of the State Central Committee, State Executive Committee, and the State Convention. The term of office shall be two years.


  • Notice that the secretary is not the chair's secretary. The secretary is the secretary of the SCC, the SEC, and the State Convention. (An independent position, not a subordinate position, and not an employee.)

  • Notice that it does not say that the secretary needs the permission of the chair to do the secretary's duties.

  • Notice that it does not say that the minutes have to be approved by, nor signed by, the party chair before they are sent to the body.

  • Notice that it does not say that party staff has the authority to perform the secretary's duties.

  • Notice that it does not say that the notices for meetings have to be sent from party headquarters nor does it say they need to be issued by the party staff.

In regard to the email sent by Chairman Anderson regarding our secretary adding an extra return to our bylaws, the SCC should censure our secretary. Not only is that just plain silly, but in reality our secretary has already been censured (and even censored) ever since our organizing convention last May.

  • She has not been allowed to perform her duties as specified in our governing documents.

  • She has been the subject of an expensive investigation in regards to our bylaws.

  • She has been unfairly attacked for providing very thorough minutes for our September meeting. First, they are too long. One member said it took her 45 minutes to read them. Then, they say they want the transcription of the whole 5 hour meeting. (Too long, yet now they want something even longer?)

And that's just the short list.

Lisa has always done a very professional job as state party secretary. She has been timely in providing notice to our meetings. She has provided professional minutes. She has always responded when I have submitted questions or requests to her. She has always been polite in her dealings with other people, even when some have not been very polite in their dealings with her.

Before Lisa became secretary, the party secretary or staff would make phone calls to all of the SCC members to get their RSVP’s. Lisa set up a Google Form that has made it as easy as clicking on a link and typing your name & email address, then clicking on Yes or No to RSVP. (It worked out really well back when she was allowed to send us the meeting notices.)

When Lisa became the secretary, our bylaws looked like this

Now they look more professional.
During an executive committee meeting, Lisa told us that she was going to clean up the documents and make them look more professional. Nobody, including the chairman, told her that she couldn’t do that.

I think that besides looking much more professional, they are also much easier to read as well. Nothing she did changed the meaning of anything. Is that really worth punishing her? What are they going to do, take away her duties and give them to paid staff? Oh, they have already done that.

Perhaps it is something much more that what it appears to be on the surface.  Perhaps someone is trying to use this as an excuse to get the party's bylaws changed to promote a different agenda.  Keep your eyes open and be aware.  If someone requests that "to fix this problem" we have to ratify old bylaws from a few years ago, then proceed from there--don't fall for it.  The easy and proper "fix" would be to take out the extra return.  That would easily fix all of the problems and there is no need to open up our documents to gut all of the changes made by the SCC and the state delegates for the past few years in order to "fix" the bylaws. 

I truly appreciate all of the hard work Lisa puts into her job as OUR secretary! Please help me in thanking her for all that she does for our party!

Lynda Pipkin
Weber County



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