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Final Conference
“The role of accessibility training in the tourism sector”
On 6th September the final Conference of TOUR4ALL project “The role of accessibility training in the tourism sector” took place at the European Economic Social Committee in Brussels (Belgium).

The final conference gathered together various stakeholders and practitioners, including VET providers and training centers, tourism associations and enterprises working on the field of accessible tourism.

The event was hosted by Ms. Madi Sharma, who opened the first panel session stressing the importance of ‘making people without disabilities to understand what is to live with one, but also to raise awareness that people with disabilities are consumers, employers, entrepreneurs. We need to invest in them”.

Nuno Martins, project coordinator from CEPROF – Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional (Portugal), introduced TOUR4ALL to the audience, together with  TOUR4ALL Lithuanian partner, Ugnė Šakūnienė, who represents the Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities (LŽNS) .

The panel discussion on “The situation of citizens with disabilities in the EU” was opened by MEP Helga Stevens, and counted with the participation of  Inmaculada Placencia Porrero (DG-EMPL, Unit of Disability and Inclusion, Alba Gonzalez (Policy Officer at CMB’s EU Liason Office), Frank Sioen (Advocacy Officer at ENIL) and Blandine Bouniol (Deputy Director for Advocacy at Humanity & Inclusion).
Interview with Alba Gonzalez (Policy Officer at CBM) at Tour4All final conference.
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Frank Sioen (Advocacy Officer at ENIL) at Tour4All final conference.
Last project meeting
Brussels (Belgium)
Training Platform ready!

This platform was created as part of the TOUR4ALL – Development of curricula on Accessible Tourism for VET Tourism Courses, funded by the European Union.

The main goal is to endow trainers, trainees and Tourism Professionals with skills and competences in Accessible Tourism, so that the Tourism sector and society will benefit from it.
At this platform you will find the following units:


Political discussion in Lithuania and Portugal about adopting the course in the national curriculum 

In Lithuania the representative from Ministry Education and Science promised to organize the meeting with directors of VET schools with purpose to represent the learning module and discus about possibility to include it in the national curriculum.

In Portugal they are exploring this possibility with the Minister of Education too. 
Three pilot testing were organised by partners organisations: CEPROF – Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional Lda (Portugal), CSC- Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy) and IHK - Projektgesellschaft (Germany) for eight weeks in between April - May 2018. The goal of the pilot testing was to test with potential real users the training platform and collect their inputs to improve their learning experiences.
According to the results the main strength of the training course are the practical examples included on Unit 5 and 9, the relevance of the unit for a basic knowledge on accessible tourism, videos of Unit 6 and 7 and the video resources in general.

On the contrary the pilot testing participants suggested to improve: the interactivity and registration steps for the platform and add some local examples to link to their nearby reality.

On the 13th of September 2018, the CSC Danilo Dolci organized the final event for the project “Tour4All: development of curricula on accessible tourism” in Palermo under the name: Accessible Tourism: between education and local needs.

The audience was composed of 21 people, amongst which the municipality, representatives from the tourism sector, organizations active within accessible tourism, and other interested parties. After the presentation of the project and its results in the recently concluded piloting by the coordinator and project manager of the project, the event took the form of a panel discussion on the topic of accessible tourism at Palermo, focussing on the importance of training and the territorial needs. The participants could see and hear about the different good practices and the hard work of people in Palermo for a more accessible city. Interventions were done by the municipality of Palermo, associations who work for a more accessible city, and a teacher and his student who participated in the Tour4All piloting.

The event was a great success as a moment of bringing together some of the efforts that are being done at Palermo by different people and institutions, and from different angles. The interventions ended with a word of gratitude of the municipality and the school for the efforts and materials developed within the project, and a commitment to disseminate the online course further through their networks. During the drink that followed the official part of the event, participants and guest speakers mingled and discussed topics even further, leaving everyone with new ideas and contacts for future collaborations.

The event has shown the will and motivation of people, organizations and institutions to work on accessibility, and the usefulness of an online course on this topic. Although there is still work to be done, this event was a positive sign for the future and a successful closure of the project!

On the 11th of September, CEPROF has organised a Multiplier Event in Portugal, in the city of Espinho.

This event was promoted with the aim of presenting the achievements and results from TOUR4ALL, namely the final training module, support materials and online platform while reflecting on the importance of Accessible Tourism and the challenges it faces. The sustainability of the project was also a matter of discussion.

The Seminar started with some words from the representative of the host organisation, greeting the participants and thanking them for their presence.

Sara Vidal Maia, tourism expert and trainer, presented the training module, the support materials, and the free online platform developed throughout the project’s lifetime by the partners.

Professor Celeste Eusébio, in the representation of the University of Aveiro, was invited as a speaker to reflect upon the topic of Accessible Tourism, its importance and its challenges. The presentation resulted in a discussion in which participants representing different sectors shared their experiences.

The representative of Ovar Forma, partner of the project, Isaura Oliveira, discussed the sustainability of the TOUR4ALL project, engaging the audience in a participated debate about the actions that need to be followed to guarantee the applicability of the project. Working in groups, each had the opportunity to contribute with valuable ideas.

The seminar ended with some general conclusions presented by the project Coordinator. The participants were invited to continue following the project and to share it with interested parts.
Her Dream is Life without Stairs
Lithuanian Association of people with disabilities (LŽNS)
Ramunė Šidlauskaitė, coordinator of projects of the Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, for the past 13 years, dependent on a wheelchair.

She was only 16, when she had an accident and suffered a spinal cord injury. "Even if I need a wheelchair, I have never suffered from depression. And my parents have never felt sorry for me. Sometimes, when I asked to give me something, they answered: you can do it yourself. And they were right," says Ramunė. "Pity makes me feel uncomfortable, I want to be treated equally," – it’s the young woman’s opinion. Despite the trauma, Ramune graduated from a secondary school and began studies at a university. Both educational institutions were not fitted to the needs of for disabled people.

Ramunė graduated from school because she was studying at home and came to the school for exams only...
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European Social Pillar Rights

European Pillar of Social Rights included on its 17th principle European Commission. 

"People with disabilities have the right to income support that ensures living in dignity, services that enable them to participate in the labour market and in society (...)."


Applications for the #EUAccessCity Award are open until 23 September!  

The Access City Award recognises and celebrates a city's willingness, ability and efforts to become more accessible, in order to

  • guarantee equal access to fundamental rights;
  • improve the quality of life of its population and ensure that everybody – regardless of age, mobility or ability – has equal access to all the resources and pleasures cities have to offer.
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