MatchOffice News ● June 2020
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Flex office providers worldwide floored by their tenants' severe corona crises

Three out of four global office providers are hit, to a significant or severe extent - several even floored by the global COVID-19 meltdown. Just a few operators seem unaffected, the new Industry Survey 2020 from MatchOffice reports.
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Reopening your office and coworking spaces - this will be ´the new normal´

After months of office lockdown, it is now time to consider how employees can correctly return to the workplace and which measures and precautions will be mandatory during the reopening phases after covid-19.
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After the corona: Your office work will never turn the same again

The coronavirus crisis accelerates the last decades´ transformation of the office space from permanent physical workstations to digital areas that increasingly encourage employees to perform from their home office.
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Facebook calls for video chat and conferencing in Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched its new video chat service, Messenger Rooms, which allows up to 50 users to join a video call or conference via Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger - free and with no time limits.
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Noisy open offices could cost up to two hours of lost efficiency - every workday

More than every second employee in open office environments are so strongly affected by noise and disturbances that they lose up to two hours of efficient working and productivity every workday, a recent Canadian study reports.
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Awesome coworking spaces and spirits across Eastern Europe

In the second half of the 2010s, the coworking spaces and spirit developed to become the new norm. In particular, the coworking industry of Eastern Europe will target significant growth in the coming years.
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