MatchOffice News ● December 2019
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The Client Survey 2019: Dedicated coworkers and flex office users still stick to private spaces

The tremendous rise of the flexible office space market, including the coworking revolution, is rounding off another record-breaking year. Still, significant many flex office users seem to prefer the privacies of the conventional offices.
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How do your open spaces fit and accomodate all types of corporate employees

Every third or even more of your daily office colleagues are introverts. How is your company's open-plan office capable of embracing and accommodating all various types of corporate employees?
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Working to much from home can stress you out and ruin your wellbeing

Still more office workers strive to work from home a day or more a week, still more employers and digitalisation grant their employees this opportunity - but do you have the right sufficient psyche and discipline to work remotely
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Voice-activated personal assistants impatient to turn your smart workplace even smarter

Your family back home may already communicate closely with Apple´s Siri and Google Assistant or others. At this moment, new digital voices are most eager to enter your workplace also and make your office spaces even smarter.
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Office workers want fresh air and comfortable light before fancy fitness facilities

Today´s office staff sets basic needs such as excellent air quality, natural light and freedom to customize their workstations higher than fitness machines and advanced wellness programs in the company gym.
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Coworking giant WeWork settles in Scandinavia - Copenhagen and Oslo next to follow Stockholm

The world's largest provider of coworking and flexible office spaces WeWork has launched their first Nordic location in Stockholm - WeWork Copenhagen will open in a central urban start-up neighbourhood in the summer of 2020.
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