MatchOffice News ● June 2019
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The rise of coworking and flex spaces helps maintain real estate industry optimism on top

MatchOffice Industry Report 2019 shows how the commercial real estate market of Europe maintains its momentum and optimistic outlook on continued growth - due to the coworking concept´s huge rise and overwhelming success.
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Sign up for Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw achieving a MatchOffice Special Discount   

Join 800 dedicated coworkers from 50 countries at the Coworking Europe 2019 Conference - one of the world's largest and most influential coworking events - taking place November 13-15 in Warsaw Poland.
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Trend: Online shops increase their business by opening physical retail stores

An increasing number of web shops and brands initially born for a life on the Internet prioritize to combine their business with physical stores - because we all prefer to shop more online ...
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Coworking on the go - exotic office workspace at the palm beach

Possible to combine palms, sun, and beach with efficient office work? Belize at the Caribbean Sea is among the increasing number of most idyllic exotic travel gems offering super beautiful coworking spaces ´on the go.´
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Flexible office workspaces still on the rise in 2019 - and into the 2020s

The global markets for flexible workspaces and innovative space solutions at the office workplace will keep on the rise in 2019 and into the 2020s according to a recently published research by the property investment group Catella.
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Nordic warning: Open-plan offices are killing your well-being and job satisfaction

For years, employers have praised the open office space for positive influence on employee´s knowledge sharing etc. - now, Nordic researchers are warning: Open-plan office kill users´ motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction.
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