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TCI2017: Only a few days left to register!



20th TCI Global Conference,  Bogota, 7-9 November

In a few days the 20th TCI Global Conference in Bogota, Colombia, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, will take place in Bogota, Colombia, who will welcome the TCI community. The Conference will allow interactions between cluster and competitiveness professionals of more than 40 countries and regions.

You still have time to register if you click here!

For more information about the program of the 20th TCI Global Conference in Bogotá,  please visit .


TCI 2017: Immerse yourself into new cluster insights, tours, networking and much more!

Given the diversity of Bogota-region's economy,at the moment the city-region has 16 cluster initiatives in different economic sectors.
Download your copy of the conference program now and start making your personal schedule. Choose your cluster tours and parallel sessions that best suit your interests and make sure you don't miss the plenary presentations by leading international experts on "The future of clusters through cross-country collaboration".


Widen your cluster horizon and learn from the panelists and top Keynote speakers that will be in TCI 2017

TCI2016 Working Day  

Prominent speakers will share their experiences and good practices to lead to better productive development policies and implementation of cluster agendas. Ricardo Hausmann from Harvard University, Mary Walshok, from UC San Diego Extension, Ernesto Stein, from Inter-American Development Bank or Piero Ghezzi, Former Minister of Production of Peru.
Join us in Bogota and you get the chance to not only listen to these speakers, but also meet and talk to them.


TCI 2017: Meet people from our network


We are pleased to welcome this year many participants who have not been involved in TCI before. The conference program features a range events to meet the TCI Board, Team and all present members in a direct and informal way.

And TCI members familiar with our network will find, once again, many moments to catch up with old colleagues and also meet new peers.


#TCI2017: Have a voice on social media



As in all our conferences and events , we encourage participants to post your thoughts and experiences, to take photos and videos and share them with the international cluster community.

Start following and posting with the official conference hashtags: #TCI2017 and #TCI20years


The launch of the TCI Asia Chapter: The 1st TCI Asian Cluster Competitiveness Conference

Over 100 attendees from different countries came to the first TCI Asian Industrial Cluster Competitiveness Conference that took place the 23rd and 24th of October in Daegu. The conference aimed to promote strategic industries and improve business competitiveness for the future economic growth in Asia.

To know more about the conference, click here.

  CLUSTERS3 meeting

What happened on the TCI Network Oceania 2017 Meetup


TCI-Network Oceania chapter held it's annual gathering on the 20th of October in the UTS (University of Technology Sydney) thanks to the host Professor Roy Green, retiring Dean of the UTS Business School. The 2017 oceania Meetup was highly interactive and informative. Participants were able to update on the latest trends globally and discuss and debate the pros and cons of the differing approaches to clustering for growth.


"INTER-COMP-INNO: The conference of the 5th CLUSTERS3 Interregional Workshop in Riga

In the frame of the CLUSTERS3 project, “INTER-COMP-INNO”  an international conference organized by the Minisrty of Economics of the Republic of Latvia,  took place the 18th of October in Riga, with the aim to explore the advantages of cooperation to foster SME’s COMPetitiveness, INNOvation and INTERnationalization.


  TCI LA Webinar

The TCI Cluster Evaluation Working Group shared their experience on cluster evaluation

Why clusters matter Russia  

The TCI Cluster Evaluation Working Group, with more than 18 participants and hosted by Innovation Norway , focused on the challenges of programme-level evaluation – using Norway’s ongoing evaluation as a case example.
See Emily Wise report here.


Take a look at our cluster agenda

Discover our selection of events related to clusters and competitiveness.

Organizing any cluster event? Get in touch with us and your event will be announced in our Cluster Agenda!

  Cluster Agenda

Save the dates for 2 TCI conferences in 2018


Make sure you don't miss any of our events, so save the dates for two TCI conferences already scheduled for 2018:

  • 21st TCI Global Conference Toronto, Canada,16-18 October
  • TCI European Conference Sofia, Bulgaria, 20-22 March

New selection of academic articles on clusters

This month's selection includes an article on Cluster- Internal and external drivers of cluster renewal: evidence from two German agricultural engineering case studies by: D. Santner. European Planning Studies.

  Academic articles clusters
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