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Be Safe When Working Outside

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment establishments are forced to temporarily close (completely or partially). Apart from health concerns, fellow sisters also worry about their livelihoods. AFRO has learnt that many sisters have changed their mode of working, by contacting clients at streets, online or through other channels, and providing service at different hotels and guesthouses. Compared to fellow sisters working at fixed venues, those who work at hotels and guesthouses lack support and may easily become target of criminals. Problems of sneak shots, robbery, threatening and blackmailing with personal information obtained without consent are not rarely seen. AFRO would like to remind fellow sisters to pay extra attention when interacting with potential clients on social platforms and when going out to work.

When communicating with potential clients online or through mobile phone apps, let’s all be reminded of the following:

  • Do not send or display photos or information that could identify your personal identity when communicating with clients.
  • Do not share intimate photos or take images with webcams, even with clients whom you think have become regular, or else there may be a risk of being blackmailed.
  • Do not disclose financial situations or easily transfer money to people whom you have met only online.

When going out to work, let's be reminded:

  • Not to carry too much cash, credit cards and ATM cards, to prevent being robbed.
  • Not to discuss the details about your service at public areas (e.g. the streets, hotel lobby, elevator, etc.), even answering “yes” or “no” may be against the law. Fellow sisters should confirm the service (charge and other details) with clients through phone or text privately.
  • To ask clients to pay before service or to put the money somewhere you can quickly access after providing service.
  • Not to accept drinks or food from clients or consume drinks and food that have been out of your own sight.
  • To pay attention to where clients put their belongings, including glasses, pens or other small items. Use a towel to cover them, so as to prevent sneak shots.
  • To give changes in well-illuminated areas where you can check whether the notes are counterfeits.
  • Not to go to the toilet or shower before the client leaves. This is the time you are defenseless and thus a good timing for a thief to act.
  • To keep calm when threatened or blackmailed, or at least hide your panic. Try to stall for time to ensure your personal safety, and buy time to think about what to do or how to seek help. Do not lose your right mind. Do not follow as instructed by the criminal. Call the police when you feel safe to.

Call AFRO’s 24-hour emergency hotline 2770 1002 if you have a question, AFRO can accompany fellow sisters to the police and provide support needed. 

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