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 1.1 The Handling of Case Exhibits
If you had paid attention to the news last month, you might have read about a policeman stealing 3000 dollars’ worth of property from a sex worker while holding her in custody. It raised concerns on police’s handling of exhibits.
(For details: 
Throughout police investigation, they often have to handle exhibits. What is the actual process after they have seized the property and who are in charge of keeping them?
Generally, police will follow a standardised procedure on the processing of various types of exhibits, (including digital ones). When police officers collect evidence during investigation, they are required to turn them to officers who are specialised in recording, packaging and storage of case exhibits. Only those who are authorised are allowed to come in contact with them for investigation, court or forensic purposes. The people and their reasons of taking out and returning of exhibits should be carefully recorded. 
According to Police (Discipline) Regulations. Cap 232. Section 29B. Commissioners in-charge are to determine whether exhibits will be presented in court, returned to the owners or forfeited.
If sisters are unfortunately arrested by the police, please pay attention to the following points:

1. All valuable property exhibits are to be checked and verified, and in the case of cash, the amount be confirmed before being sealed inside an envelope (TEPE) at the scene. Two officers will be required to sign on the TEPE, i.e. the seizing officer and one other witnessing officer. 

2. If applicable, the property owner or the arrested person is to confirm the items seized by signing on the TEPE.

3. On return to the police station, if the TEPE is required to be opened for further processing such as examination, or repacking the TEPE, the procedures outlined in PGO 30-03 (5) & (6) should be followed.
2. AFRO’s Work

2.1 AFRO Walkathon 2018

AFROWalkathon has taken place on 22 April . Blessed by nice and warm weather, AFRO’s supporters have completed our walk on The Peak. We were joined by both the young and the old; everyone had a splendid time, HKD 25300 have been raised.
Our walk this year is themed with a Roly Poly, symbolising the strengths of AFRO and sex workers – we cannot be tumbled. We can work through all types of difficulties under any circumstances. Midway through the walk, we asked participants to take a piece of paper which had a negative label of sex workers written on it. We hope participants could further understand the circumstances that sex workers face.
We thank our participants and volunteers who have given us continuous support. Let us carry on with this spirit of perseverance.
2.2 Exchange Trip to Guangzhou (20-21 April, 2018)
The Hong Kong Coalition of AIDS Service Organizations visited several HIV
Prevention organizations in Guangzhou on the 20 and 21 of April (including Ling
Nan Partner, ZhiTong China, Guangzhou Disease Prevention and Control Centre,
exchanging knowledge on the prevention of HIV and AIDS.
This exchange has given us the opportunity to know about LingNan Partner’s HIV self-test Programme, which provides one-stop service covering inquiry, order, test results and counselling through the use of online platform and mobile phone messaging apps. It can help reach those who are more closeted. Furthermore, we have also learned about the potential that mobile apps can bring through learning about ZhiTong’s online and offline activities, which strengthen communication between communities.
We thank AIDS Concern and Guangzhou Disease Prevention and Control for their arrangement. We hope that we can have more types of exchange in the near future, facilitating the work of HIV prevention.
2.3 Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities Meeting Women's Commission(13 April)

AFRO, along with other members of Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities, met with the newly appointed Chairperson (Ms Chan Yuen Han) and other members of Women's Commission on 13 April. During the meeting, we discussed on various women’s issue. Women’s Coalition has expressed their concern over the fourth reports on Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of discrimination against Women (CEDAW), urging the government to follow up on concluding comments made by CEDAW committee based on the third report, including the revision of legislations regarding “vice establishments” for the protection of sex workers.
AFRO will also attend the consultation session on the fourth CEDAW report held by Women’s Commission on 16 May, as well as Panel on Constitutional Affairs’s discussion on 21 May, urging the government to follow up.
2.4 HKCASO Meeting Chairperson of Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS (3 May)

On 3 May, AFRO and members of The Hong Kong Coalition of AIDS Service Organizations (HKCASO) met with Chairperson of Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS, Dr. Li Chung-Ki Patrick as well as its other members. Various topics were discussed. AFRO especially expressed concern on the public’s access to HIV post exposure medication (post-exposure prophylaxis - PEP). We shared our difficulties in assisting sex workers to obtain such medications after involuntary unprotected sex. The council stated that staffs at government hospital have full understanding of the medication. In the future, they will work on improving the concrete operations of administering the medication to needed individuals.
3. Upcoming Events

3.1 Chi Lin Nunnery- Soul Cleansing
Have you thought about finding peace and solitude in this concrete jungle? 
Let AFRO take you on a trip to search for an oasis while enjoying the view of ancient architecture. Not to mention, there will be delicious vegan food. Afterwards, you may shop at the nearby Hollywood Plaza.
Date: 31 May, 2018
Meeting Time: 2:00PM
Meeting Location: Diamond Hill MTR Exit C2.  
Fee: $50 (Members)  $70(non-Members) 
*Food included.
4. AFRO News Reading

Protect our young by cracking down on ‘compensated dating’

Police efforts to stamp out the scourge of online sex services that pose as dating sites is a struggle, as continued arrests prove. Another 19 people were snared at the weekend, one a 16-year-old girl and three males from secondary schools and customers up to the age of 40.

Young people driven by the lure of easy money have for a number of years been turning to the thriving industry’s internet forums and apps like WeChat and Instagram.

Society’s consumerism increases peer pressure for luxury products such as handbags, jewellery and watches among impressionable minds; the prospect, particularly for students, that a much-desired item can be had by a no-strings-attached, one-night fling is appealing to a certain demographic.

Our conservative society does not see it that way and there are a number of laws that can be used to deter, among them soliciting for an immoral purpose in a public place to living on the earnings of prostitution. The laws are also meant as protections against people putting themselves in dangerous situations that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, assault, rape and worse.

“Part-time girlfriend and boyfriend” services also involve emotional matters, though. They can affect outlook on life, personal and family relationships and performance at school. The stigma of peers and colleagues aside, there can be a lifelong impact. 

Understandably, police take the matter seriously, monitoring the internet and holding seminars for parents, teachers and students to warn of the dangers.

Prostitution is not illegal in Hong Kong, but “soliciting for immoral purposes” in a public place is. “Part-time girlfriend and boyfriend” services fall into that category when money changes hands and police have every right to take action. Given the dangers and risks, particularly to young people, efforts to crack down have to be maintained and strengthened.

AFRO's Comment:

Actually we do not agree that luxury products drive all the young people into the sex industry. (Yes, it may be one of the reasons but not the only one). In Hong Kong, it is not illegal for someone over 18 to have sex trade with another adult. It is a personal choice and should be respected.

News Reading

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