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What is Happiness for Women?

Being single makes you happier?

Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science in Psychological and Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science, cited a study from the American Time Use Survey at the 2019 Hay Festival  Data, pointing out that traditional indicators used to measure "success" have nothing to do with "happiness," especially “marriage” and “raising children”. The study compared the happiness and pain of unmarried people, married people, divorced people, separated people, and widowed people, and found that when partners were on the side, the married people claimed that they were happier than unmarried people.  But when partners were absent, those who were married said they suffered more than those who were unmarried.

Is relationship the #1 thing in life?

Many fellow sisters in the sex industry, whether unmarried, married, or divorced, hope to enter into the relationship of marriage and believe that they can then leave the sex industry and leave all worries behind. Some fellow sisters have a longing for the status of "wife" and are eager to get into a relationship. Sometimes we hear the tragic experience that some sisters were deceived by their male guests, boyfriends, husbands, and even in the online world.  They were not only traumatised, but also under heavy financial pressure, putting their mental health in crisis.


In Hong Kong, single women over 30 are usually labelled as "leftover women". Coupled with more women and less men, more and more unmarried women will appear.  Women who already have boyfriends or husbands also have to face the challenges of getting along with each other. Once quarrels occur, the stress and negative emotions are not easy for outsiders to understand.  Women who have given birth to their children need to consider their children's educational needs and expenses. Only people with the same experience can understand the bitterness and worries. Needless to say, single parenting is even more challenging. Women who are preparing to enter menopause are more likely to be affected by physiological factors, which can be disturbing. No wonder research data shows that getting married and having children is not the formula for having happier life.


Gear up early to meet challenges

Women at different stages are inseparable from the challenge of mental and psychological well-being. Some fellow sisters choose to work hard and invest to develop personal interests and prepare for future life. Some fellow sisters are unhappy all day long, waiting for Prince Charming. Regardless of the choices a healthy mental state can help fellow sisters cope with life choices.  Consider “sharing with others", "positive thinking" and "enjoying life" essential elements of life. You will then find your life healthier, happier and fuller.  Being able to feel happiness from the bottom of heart is the greatest victory in life.  Being single and married is not the decisive factor in happiness. Fellow sisters, set aside the “common standards”, be yourself, and be happy.


Laughing can create aerobic effects like physical activity,

Laughter makes you feel happy and relaxed. So, laugh more!


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