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Privacy Complaint Process on YouTube

Fellow sisters are exposed to the risk of secret and/or non-consensual photo/video shooting every day. There is a high chance that the sneak shots are uploaded to and shared on the Internet, and YouTube is one of the most popular platforms. If any videos or messages on YouTube infringe on your privacy or security, you can contact YouTube for a privacy complaint process.
Before making a complaint, view the video to confirm that your appearance, full name or personal information can be clearly identified in the video that you want to report. Once it has been confirmed, you can follow the link below to start the complaint process:

To make a complaint, you need to enter:
1. Your real name
2. Your email address
3. Channel URL that reveals your personal information
4. The time frame of the controversial content in the film.

After your application has been successfully submitted, YouTube will send you an email to confirm receipt of your appeal. The reported content will not be automatically taken down. It will be viewed along YouTube’s Community Guidelines. If the complaint is justified, YouTube will give the uploader certain time to process or delete the video. If the above does not take any action, YouTube may contact you and ask you to upload an identification document to confirm your identity, and then YouTube will take action. When uploading your identity document, you can cover your ID number and part of your name and date of birth to protect your privacy, but remember not to cover the photo and your full name, as this will prevent YouTube from recognising your identity.

The online world is endless, and YouTube is just one of the platforms that can be used for sharing sneak shots. In order to protect your privacy, in addition to "changing your look " at work, always pay attention to whether the guests have suspicious behaviors, and also keep the items containing personal data (including personal documents and photos in mobile phones and wallets, etc.) safe.  
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