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Romance Scam 

Hello, six months ago, I accidentally saw you on social media. I was deeply attracted by your smile. Since then I had been closely following you, but I dared not take the initiative to contact you. I tried hard to forget you, but you are always in my dreams. I am a US military stationed in Iraq. Although we have never met each other and are separated by thousands of miles, I still hope that I can come to Hong Kong to meet you, so I found a Chinese colleague in the team to write this message for you.
In May, I will retire. I will be paid some of my contract gratuity, about 500,000 US dollars. I will send it to Hong Kong in parcels to prepare for our future life. I hope that you can receive it on my behalf. But there are some customs clearance fees. That will be about HKD 50,000. I hope that you can pre-pay and deposit it in the following account, and keep the parcels for us. I hope that the days of meeting you will come soon.

You may have seen the above or similar messages before, and you may think that no one will be stupid enough to believe in this. But the scammers know how to read and manipulate people. They are usually good at spotting people's weaknesses and luring them into the traps.
The scammers are also creative. By creating various personal profiles, they feign romantic intentions towards fellow sisters, gain their affection and then use that goodwill to commit fraud.
Before they ask for money or other favours, the scammers usually spend a long period of time on communication with the victims, charming them with sweet words, just to gain their trust and affection. And when they finally plead for help and money, they usually start from a small amount. They may even return it to the victims as promised, because they know well that by doing so they can bring up the trust level. And after that, the victims will be asked for more.
In order to avoid falling into the (online) romance scam, you may pay attention to the following:

1. If a stranger approaches you through dating website or app, don't easily trust the information and images that he provides. They simply may not be true.
2. Search by image on the Internet to see if the photo will come from the Internet.
3. Do not easily disclose personal information and information to strangers.
4. Don't provide financial status, or easily send money to someone you only know online.
5. Don't share private photos or use a webcam to shoot private images, otherwise you may be blackmailed.

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