Dear Friends,
A key event in our Church year will soon be upon us. Yes, St Oswald’s Day is just around the corner. Join us for a celebration and feast on Sunday 5th August, service at 10 and followed by lunch at 12. (you need to book for the lunch no later than 29th July by contacting Cheryl Adams). Our guest for the day is Rev’d Dr. Don Saines from Trinity College who was the principal at St Francis when I did my training.

St Oswald was a warrior saint, something which appears to those of western thinking, an improbability. We have the view of a saint as someone who is essentially spiritual and lives or martyred as a result of their spirituality. We struggle to understand that saints can, and perhaps, be warriors.

In this modern age, where we like our men to be sensitive and feeling new age types, we definitely have a difficulty with warriors. Warriors are primal, take no backward steps and are comfortable with being warriors. They stand their ground and hold to their truth.

St Oswald was a warrior who protected his people and put his life on the line for their wellbeing. Admirable, but we are even uncomfortable with that and have to turn him into a warrior fighting for truth of God. It was more primal than that. Oswald was a bloke who did blokey things for others, those he lived amongst and shared life with. They were important, important enough to lose his life for.

On Saturday 11th I invite you to join us for a silent retreat from 9.30am -3pm. The focus for the day is “Silence & The Art of Seeing.” We will be encouraged to see what is there in our lives, world and spirituality with the eyes of the artist. David Hockney says, “How difficult it is to learn not to see like cameras, which has had such an effect on us. The camera sees everything at once. We don't.” On this retreat we will explore how to see beyond the surface into what is really there.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our organist, Calvin Bowman, for both a wonderful concert last Sunday and the CD launched on that day. Well done, Calvin!


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