Invitation: Cie Dyptik in Newcastle

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Cie Dyptik, known from their extraordinary hip-hop dance performance D-Construction for outdoors, and their stunning indoor piece Dans L’Engrenage will be in residence at Dance City in Newcastle from the 18th to 22nd of December 2017, for their new creation, Le Cri.
We are pleased to invite you to meet the company and see their work-in-progress performance on Thursday, December 21 at 6pm.
A small taster of Le Cri can be found here
About Le Cri
“From laughter to tears. From well-being to death throes. From pleasure to pain. The world presents us with the images of its society without filters or explanations. Everything becomes available and is shared immoderately. Unrestrainedly. Feelings jostle and collide. Faster and faster. Stronger and stronger. The Scream is what the body experiments in this absurd context where emotion becomes an object of consumption. Where (hi)stories are written with disconcerting inconsistency and irony. Where contradictions increase and mutually stigmatise each other.
Accordingly, what we feel is at the heart of the creative process and (re)search of movement. Placed in extreme physical situations during preliminary choreographic laboratories, the dancers tested their capacity to endure pain, constraint, fatigue, elation... to present pared-down gestures that matched their emotions on the spot. The aural proposal initially marked with neutrality so as not to influence movement, evolves to the rhythm of the trio’s emotional intention under permanent tension.” 

Souhail Marchiche, choreographer
For more information about the showcase of Le Cri please visit the company’s website

If you need any additional information about D-Construction or Dans L'Engrenage please let us know.
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Tanja Ruiter
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