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Sydney, Australia | Wednesday 3 - Friday 5 October 2018

ARSC2018 - Call for Abstracts - NOW OPEN!

Latest ARSC2018 News:
Join us to share your knowledge & expedite road trauma reduction
Largest road safety-dedicated conference in the Southern Hemisphere!
After the exceptional success of the inaugural 2015, 2016 & 2017 Australasian Road Safety Conferences, which welcomed between 600 and 700 road safety experts to each event, the 2018 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2018) is shaping up to continue the momentum by bringing the event to the beautiful city of Sydney, New South Wales.  For background, read the ARSC2017 Post-event Summary and view the ARSC2017 Image Gallery here.

The Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) & Austroads, and our co-Chair organisations ARRB and Transport & Road Safety Research (TARS) at UNSW invite you to attend the largest road safety-dedicated conference in the Southern Hemisphere.  ARSC2018 will be held in Sydney on the banks of the vibrant Darling Harbour at the beautiful Sydney International Convention Centre complex, from Wednesday to Friday 3-5 October 2018.

With a theme of “Towards Zero: Making it Happen!”, ARSC2018 will showcase the regions’ outstanding researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and industry spanning the plethora of road safety issues identified in the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety:
  • Road Safety Management;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Safe Vehicles;
  • User Behaviour, and
  • Post-Crash Care.
ARSC2018 will bring with it a special focus on engaging all levels of government and community, from the city to the bush, to move Towards Zero.  The comprehensive 3-day scientific program will showcase the latest:
  • Research;
  • Education;
  • Policing programs;
  • Policies and management strategies;
  • Technological developments in the field;
  • National and international keynote speakers;
  • Oral and poster presentations;
  • Expansive stakeholder exhibition; and
  • Workshops and interactive symposia.
ARSC2018 is expected to attract between 600-800 delegates including researchers, policing and enforcement agencies, practitioners, policymakers, industry representatives, educators, and students working in the fields of behavioural science, education and training, emergency services, engineering and technology, health and rehabilitation, policing, justice and law enforcement, local, state and federal government, traffic management, and vehicle safety.

Please join us in Sydney in October 2018 to help us all to maintain this positivity and momentum – there is so much more that all of us are capable of, especially when we are working in a collaborative and supportive environment such as the one that was evident last month at ARSC2017. 

 We look forward to seeing you in Sydney!  

Conference Theme & Streams

With a theme of 
“TOWARDS ZERO-MAKING IT HAPPEN!”, the Conference takes us across the road safety spectrum, from cities to our regional and remote areas. ARSC2018 will be a multi-disciplinary event featuring representatives from all facets of road and transport safety including research, policing and enforcement, education, teaching, practice and policy - to name a few.

The Australasian College of Road Safety, Austroads, ARRB & Transport & Road Safety Research at UNSW are requesting Extended Abstract Submissions and Symposium Proposal Submissions of new and innovative developments in road safety - for Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, and Symposium Proposals, under the following broad topic areas:

  • Road Safety Management: includes Practice, Policy, Enforcement, Capacity Building, Safe Mobility, Work Related Road Safety Management, Safe System Approach, Insurance, Legislation and Law, advent and implications of new technologies (e.g. autonomous/driverless vehicles) and impacts on the wide umbrella of road safety management/policies, potentially moving towards a complex system approach, how to deal with the complexities of collecting reliable and uniform serious injury data, how we can connect better with international communities and approaches to encourage best road safety outcomes globally, current innovations and learning how to respond as quickly as possible in a dynamic environment, etc
  • Road Infrastructure (Safer Roads): includes Road Safety Barriers, Safer Roadsides, Safety Audits, Road Assessment Programs e.g. AusRAP, KiwiRAP, iRAP, integration and best practice implementation of new technologies, intelligent road infrastructure, smart roads, self-explaining roads, learning how to respond as quickly as possible in a dynamic environment etc;
  • Safer Vehicles: includes Crashworthiness, Seat Belt Technology, ITS technology, Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), Interlocks (alcohol and seat belts), Crash Avoidance, Autonomous Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, New Car Assessment Programs, Design Rules, Vulnerable Road User Protection Technology (helmets, body armour, airbags, etc), Conspicuity, how car manufacturers/consumers are responding to the increasing call for safer vehicles, current innovations and learning how to respond as quickly as possible in a dynamic environment etc;
  • Road User Behaviour: includes Speed, Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Distraction, Human Error, Fatigue, Pedestrian, Cyclist and Motorcyclist Safety, Young and Older Drivers, Community, Education and Training, integration of new technologies, current innovations and learning how to respond as quickly as possible in a dynamic environment etc;
  • Post-Crash Care, Data and Crash Analysis: rescue, EMS and rehabilitation, data collection and research methods, forensic crash investigation, current innovations and learning how to respond as quickly as possible in a dynamic environment etc.

Authors are welcome to consider all topics that have been covered in previous years' conferences when submitting their Extended Abstract, but should not feel restricted to these areas: Previous Topic Areas.

Submission Types/Process:

The submission types for the 2018 Australasian Road Safety Conference, regardless of whether the submission is a research or practitioner paper, comprise of:

  1. Extended Abstract – Oral Presentation, or
  2. Extended Abstract – Poster, or
  3. Full Paper peer reviewed – Oral Presentation, or
  4. Full Paper peer reviewed – Poster, or
  5. Symposium Proposals – Oral Presentation

Extended Abstracts: All presenters (except Symposium Proposals) must initially submit an Extended Abstract which will undergo peer-review.   Individual authors listed within the Symposium Proposal are encouraged to submit an Extended Abstract.

Selected Authors of accepted Extended Abstracts will be provided an opportunity to expand their Extended Abstract to a Full Paper.  Extended Abstracts will consist of an abstract (100 word limit) and main body text (500 word limit and if needed, one table and/or one figure and/or references (no more than 10 references)).  Download the Extended Abstract Template (Word2010) to be uploaded during the online submission process via Editorial Manager.

Symposium Proposals: Symposium Proposals (up to 1-page in length) must be submitted directly to (download the Symposium Proposal Template (Word2010).

Author Instructions and Document Templates are available on the ACRS Website.

Please visit the

ARSC2018 Conference Website


ARSC2018 Awards Website

for further information.




For maximum brand positioning, exposure and interactive networking opportunities, we are delighted to offer numerous sponsorship, exhibition and advertising opportunities to ensure organisations can showcase their expertise and commitment to road trauma reductions at this premier Australasian event.

This event is expected to attract 600-800 delegates, and will be attended by a highly sought after audience of industry specialists and key stakeholders and project funders.

Sponsorship Brochure Now Available!
Download here!

A diverse and comprehensive road safety exhibition will run concurrently with the conference. The exhibition has been sold out at previous conferences and we expect will do the same for ARSC2018.  ARSC2018 will provide delegates and exhibitors with excellent opportunities to network in a favourable environment that provides a central meeting place for all participants.

Delegate profiles - Based on ARSC experiences


A wide variety of opportunities exist for interested organisations to sponsor the inaugural Australasian Road Safety Conference.

To find out more please contact:

Michelle Bye
Encanta Event Management


Kim Day
ARSC Sponsorship

Rewarding our road safety champions!

***Rewarding our road safety champions!***

ARSC2018 offers a multitude of reasons to attend as we celebrate our road safety champions with the following awards:


Win a TRIP to USA with the
2018 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award


Be awarded the prestigious
2018 ACRS Fellowship
in front of hundreds of your peers


Share in $7,000 in ARSC2018 Conference Scientific Awards


We look forward to your participation!


Thank you to the Transurban for sponsoring the following 6 Conference Scientific Awards:

1.  Peter Vulcan Award for Best Research Paper

$1000 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the first author of the researcher paper presented at the conference which is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Scientific/technical merit of the work
  • Potential contribution to road safety
  • Originality of approach


2.  Road Safety Practitioners Award

$1,000 prize plus certificate 

This prize is awarded to the paper that reflects a road safety issue, completed road safety program or campaign that is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Potential contribution to road safety
  • Originality in development and delivery/design
  • Demonstrated links between the need for the program/campaign/work and its results

(Note: A practitioner is defined as anyone who is a non-researcher)


3.  Best Paper by a New Researcher Award

$1,000 prize plus certificate 

Awarded to the first author and presenter of the research paper by a new researcher which is ranked best against the following criteria (in order of priority):

  • Scientific/technical merit of the work
  • Potential contribution to road safety
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Originality of approach


4.  Road Safety Poster Award

$500 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to recognise the poster that reflects a completed road safety program, campaign or research project that is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Potential contribution to road safety
  • Originality in development and delivery
  • Demonstrated links between the need for the program, campaign or research project and its results


5.  Conference Theme Award

$500 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the first author of the paper that best fits the conference theme.  All conference papers are eligible for this award.


6.  Best Paper by a New Practitioner Award

$1000 plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the first author and presenter of the practitioner paper by a new practitioner which is ranked best against the following criteria (in order of priority):

  • scientific/technical merit of the work
  • potential contribution to road safety
  • clarity of presentation
  • originality of approach

For the purposes of the award, a new researcher is defined as one who:

  • has not previously presented a paper at a conference in this series
  • has not attended more than one previous conference in this series
  • has been involved in road safety research for less than five years

(Note: A practitioner is defined as anyone who is a non-researcher)


7.  Best Paper with Implications for Improving Workplace Road Safety (to be confirmed)

$1000 plus certificate
Paper to be converted to an NRSPP Thought Leadership Piece & Webinar

This prize is awarded to the first author and presenter of the best paper with implications for improving workplace road safety. The paper will be converted to an NRSPP Thought Leadership Piece which will feature on the NRSPP Website and be supported by a webinar (see an example here).


8.  Policing Practitioner’s Paper Award (to be confirmed)

$1000 plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the paper that reflects a road safety policing issue, completed enforcement program, or campaign that is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Contribution to road safety
  • Originality in development and delivery/design
  • Clearly demonstrated evidence base links between the need for the policing/enforcement program/campaign/work and resulting reduction in road trauma

(Note: A Policing Practitioner is defined as anyone who is a non-researcher involved in policing and/or enforcement)



We are delighted to announce our early supporters:

Recently confirmed conference partners include:

Platinum Sponsor - 
NSW Government - Transport for NSW; Dinner Sponsor & Scientific Awards Sponsor - Transurban; Supporters: Transport & Road Safety Research at UNSW3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award Partners 3M & ACRS; Founding Partners - Austroads & ACRS.

Thank you to all of our conference partners who are getting in early to showcase their generous support!

Thank you to every organisation who has taken up partnerships with the conference this year - without you the conference would not be shaping up to be such a successful event, able to save more lives and injuries on our roads:

And the Sydney International Convention Centre

If you love Australia’s spectacular East Coast,
this is perfect location for you

The 2018 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2018) will be held in Sydney on the banks of Darling Harbour at the stunning International Convention Centre, Sydney (ICC Sydney) from Wednesday to Friday 3-5 October 2018.  The ICC Sydney features a striking contemporary design, leading technology and multipurpose spaces.

The ICC Sydney is at the heart of its very own Sydney Harbour waterfront precinct, set amongst restaurants, retail and a vibrant public domain on Darling Harbour. ICC Sydney is only a short walk away from Australia’s largest CBD and surrounding university and cultural quarters.  Just 8 km from the airport, ICC Sydney is connected to a diversity of transport and accommodation choices.

Take a Virtual Tour of the ICC Sydney or find More Information here.

Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney, Australia’s gateway city and the capital of New South Wales is built around one of the largest, most beautiful harbours in the world and along miles of golden surfing beaches which stretch north and south of the city on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches and harbour play a major role in the leisure and sporting lives of Sydneysiders – yachting, surfing, sailboarding, swimming, boating, fishing and waterskiing are all popular activities.

Many national parks and protected areas of natural bushland surround the city and the beautiful Blue Mountains are a short journey to the west.  Perhaps the most famous of Sydney’s landmarks is the spectacular Sydney Opera House with its graceful ‘sails’. The Opera House has become Sydney’s cultural centre, offering opera, ballet, drama and film. The historic ‘Rocks’ area, site of the original white settlement, is nearby, and this part of the harbour foreshore is a hub of activity for both local residents and visitors.

Sydney is a vigorous, cosmopolitan city, a major industrial, business and commercial centre and is endlessly fascinating in its variety and its beauty.

Click here for a quick glance at what Sydney has to offer!

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