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It feels like a miracle, so beautiful!  I LOVE holding it in my hands!  I feel the Universe and my heart singing the songs of Joy, Oneness and Love.  Now, I’ll be telling you all about the CELEBRATION, the speed bumps have all dissolved into goose-bumps and God chills, into Love!
And, I want to CELEBRATE YOU as part of the energy and consciousness that is supporting this Holy Birth, at least that is what it is for me.  I also know that Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story will be that for you.
There is a lot for us to talk about and for us to co-create as we nurture and nourish our holy births to their fullest potentials!  It feels, to me, sort of like ‘from manger to magnificence’, very profound and significant.  
One of the first things coming up is A SUMMONS TO LOVE, the live event with Andrew Harvey and me co-teaching a four-day LAUNCH intensive.  It will be happening June 9-12 at Unity of Tustin.  Here is the link for all of the wonderful information about that:  It outlines all four days!
Another thing that I want to talk about is the IMPORTANCE OF YOU WRITING AND POSTING A REVIEW ON AMAZON, and hopefully also your friends posting a review, when you invite them to share in this miracle. 
When we reach 50 reviews on Amazon, exponential magic starts to happen and the book is positioned for those who are looking for it to find it with greater ease.  My vision is that we go for 100!  We all KNOW that is the Power of One going into Infinity!  Let’s do it…for LOVE and for Spirit!
We will also be developing a Survey in order to reach people who may not yet know about this magnificent journey of Your Soul’s Invisible Codes.  I am KNOWING that it is about an invitation with a vaster
reach.  And I need your help, your Grace and your Consciousness.  The SURVEY will come in a separate email, after our call.  I’ll tell you more about it when we talk.  Then fill it out and send it back to me asap.  I’m working on content and you will be part of co-creating it! 

I am so looking forward to our time together on the call on Wednesday: 
Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call
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A Summons to Love
Read more about it here 

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