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Tech Gazette
Volume: 1, Issue: 4
The Importance of Restarting your Computer

Do you get annoyed when the IT staff has asked you to restart your computer?  Well, there is good reason for it.  When you are experiencing computer issues, one of the first steps you should take is to restart the computer to see if the problem has been solved or still exists.  On a very high

level explanation, upon restarting the computer the computer is basically purging itself of “junk” and starting over again.  The processes, programs, and applications running have a chance to start over again and if the computer keeps on misbehaving, please do not hesitate to submit a helpdesk ticket and we will fix your computer issue (
Points of Interest
·  Restart your Computer
·  Testing Season
·  Downloads Folder

As a reminder...

Please report to the IT Department any SPAM emails.  These emails are often malicious and can be devastating to our network.

Did you know?

The foundation to our current Internet was created in 1969 and it was called ARPANET
Testing Season

As we all enter the second half of the 2017-2018 school year, testing season has begun.  With the inundation of devices both owned by the district and smart devices owned by faculty, staff, and students we have to all be mindful that all these devices are competing for wireless network space.  As mentioned in the January 2017 Tech Gazette, there is a new Guest network that will help with wireless availability with time limitations for non-district owned devices.  These district owned devices (laptops and Chromebooks) should not be connected to NSD-Guest, only NSDWIFI.  With all of these devices, we must be aware that every single device connected to both NSDWIFI and NSD-Guest are competing for the same wireless resources.

connected to both NSDWIFI and NSD-Guest are competing for the same wireless resources. 
Most of our access points (hotspots) can handle 25-30 devices without issue.  However, when we have 25-30 students testing using Chromebooks and laptops, that access point has essentially reached its limit.  Now, if we add on smartphones, iPads, and other devices owned by the district, students, and staff, wireless availability will not perform, period.  We ask that all cell phones be either turned off or use cellular data.  Also, if your school does not have a dedicated access point in every room, the classrooms on either side will also be competing for wireless and this puts serious limitations on what we will be able to do for testing.
Downloads Folder

Have you had issues saving documents to your Z: drive only to find out your quota is in the red?  One of the biggest offenders we see have to do with your Downloads folder.  After you download, open, and save the file, these files still remain in the Downloads folder and go against your designated quota space. 
To delete all of your items from your Downloads folder please open Windows Explorer>>Click on Downloads>> or hold Ctrl+J and select all of the items in your folder hold Ctrl+A and then right-click Delete.  After you complete this, please then navigate to your Recycle Bin and right-click>>Empty Recycle Bin.  To see a step by step version of how to do this task please CLICK HERE.