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Tech Gazette
Volume: II    Issue: I
NSD-Guest WiFi

In the online world that we live in today, it's important to be able to connect yourself to the web. This is why we provide wifi for your personal devices! To connect your wifi-enabled devices to our NSD-Guest wireless, follow these easy steps:
  1. Select NSD-Guest from the list of available wireless networks
  2. When prompted for a password, enter NSD12345
  3. Open a web browser on your device and you should be taken to a Lightspeed login page (Pictured below). If not, please navigate to which will force the login page to prompt.
  4. Enter your Nashua School District credentials and click "Authenticate"
  5. You are now able to browse the web!
Please keep in mind that if a non-district user is need of a temporary username/password please contact the Technology Department to have access granted.
Points of Interest

·  Wireless Coverage
·  Facilities Calendar
·  Donors Choose

As a reminder...

The Technology Department will never ask you for any of your passwords!

Did you know?

DARPA is hosting an "olympics" for insect-sized robots for their new project SHRIMP (Short Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms). Robots will be tested on strength, speed, and agility.  Click here for more info
Facilities Calendar

Do you remember trying to enter a room request last year? Remember how frustrating it could be? Remember how confusing it was? Technology (and I’m willing to bet Pepperidge Farms) remembers. This is why we moved to a brand new system! A system meant to ease the process of both requesting and approving the use of school facilities.
Login for staff is simple! You just use the same credentials as logging on to your computer. And keep in mind, you don’t need to type “” in your username (just make sure to use the extra time not spent typing this wisely). Once logged in, create yourself a requesting group and once this group is approved, you can request spaces to your heart’s content! (And if you need any extra help, we have this great documentation)

There are many different areas which will provide you access to this new facilities request system. Aspen may be the easiest as most of us will always have Aspen up. On your Aspen Home-Page you can find it with the “Facilities Request” link under “Staff Information”. Alternatively, you can simply go through the District website. Through the District Website you can hover over “Contact Us” and choose “Facility Rental”, you can click on the calendar icon and click on “Facility Rental Center”, and you can even get there from any school calendar on the website and select “Request a facility or manage requests”! So no matter where you go, you are bound to run into it eventually. (And for good measure you can use this link as well:

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a fantastic program that has helped countless teachers obtain supplies for their classrooms. Teachers can request a wide variety of supplies from notebooks to chromebooks. If you have an item that you would like for your classroom, or you would like to help another teacher reach goals for their classrooms you can use this link here:

If you are considering creating a Donors Choose project for a piece of technology, please remember to consult the District Technology orderable items list under district links ( on X2. This list will give you all of the specifics for items that the Technology Department is able to support. If your item is not on the Technology Orderable Items list, please contact Sue Wilborg at to discuss the technology you would like to include in your Donors Choose Project.