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Tech Gazette
Volume: 1, Issue: 6
How to Get Out of Mail Jail

Our Nashua School District email address is one of the most effective ways we communicate with each other.  With all this communication comes a hit on our email quota. And, before you know it, MAIL JAIL!  When in Mail Jail, email can be received but not sent. Users often feel helpless as to what they can do to get out of it.  Here are some tips below:
  1. Delete, delete, delete.  You will have to delete items in your Inbox and Sent Items.  Once you have combed through your email and deleted all you can please go to the Deleted Items folder and hold Ctrl and press A.  This will select all and then hit the Delete button and confirm.  Please do this at least once a week.
  2. Do not use your Nashua School District email for personal email.  This includes using it for commerce or leisure.  These accounts are business only.  Too often when one uses this email for anything other than work, you are subscribed to a company’s email list and you will be bombarded with email.  Please use personal email for anything other than business.
  3. Do not use email for storing attachments. Open and save needed attachments to your Documents folder and delete the email.
  4. In a pinch, sort your email by size and delete the biggest emails until you can spend time going through your folders.
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As a reminder...

Testing in rooms with access points (hot spots) is best

Did you know?

Your smartphone has more computing power than the first mega computers?
Technology Orderable Items

When ordering technology related items, we kindly ask you to please only order items from the approved Technology Orderable Items list.  One of the biggest reasons why we ask you to only order from this is consistency across the District.  Having tertiary devices may be cool to have, but we may not be able to support them for a multitude of reasons.  For example, an Amazon Alexa or Dot is a pretty awesome device for home use, but in our
 district, it is really hard to support. For one, it requires a constant wireless connection and for security reasons, we cannot put these devices on NSDWIFI and it can only go on NSD GUEST.  Well, the amount of time it can stay on NSD GUEST is 90 minutes.  We only ask that you please stick with the list.  If you would like to order something not on the list, please ask the Department of Technology first because we will research it and make sure it can work best for you and can be supported.
Safe Account Password Recovery 

How easy is it for someone else to recover your password?  Let’s just say, it really isn’t that hard if you have done your best to lock your account recovery down.  For example, you forget your password and you answer two or three questions to get it back.  When you first created your account you set up your account recovery questions to be street I grew up on, the name of pet, and favorite movie. 
Well, with a little digging on Facebook About Me information and Googling your name, these questions are easy to find and someone else owns your account.  Please be aware of how much you put yourself out there on Facebook and other social media sites because you are just making it that much easier for someone to get into your account and cause some real damage.  Remember, it is a good thing to be a little paranoid when it comes to your internet safety.