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Tech Gazette
Volume: 1, Issue: 7
Keyboard Shortcuts

Add some time back to your day!
Using keyboard shortcuts is one way to speed up daily data efforts. A keyboard shortcut sends a command to your computer to complete a task, which would take several steps to complete if using a keyboard and mouse.
Some favorite shortcuts are listed below. To use, 
hold down the Ctrl key on the bottom left of your keyboard while clicking the added (+) letter key:

Ctrl+Z       Undo (last action – especially useful if you accidentally deleted typing)
Ctrl+Y       Redo (last action)
Ctrl+A       Select all
Ctrl+C       Copy selected item
Ctrl+X       Cut
Ctrl+V       Paste
Ctrl+P       Print
Ctrl+S       Save
Ctrl+Shift+T     Open previously closed tab
Points of Interest

·  Shortcuts
·  Wireless Coverage
·  Roaming Profile

As a reminder...

Your Google password is the same as your Windows password.

Did you know?

Created in 1956, the first ever VCR was the size of a piano.
Wireless Coverage Improvements

Great news! One of the larger projects IT is taking on this summer is to improve wireless coverage for the middle and high schools.  We are going to achieve this by strategically placing and installing new access points throughout North and South High Schools as well as for Elm Street, Pennichuck, and Fairgrounds Middle 
Schools.  By the start of next school year, these areas will notice a tremendous difference in coverage, speed, and availability.  Since more and more wireless only (Chromebooks and iPads) devices are coming into the district, we realize there is a high demand to upgrade and improve the wireless infrastructure to alleviate some of the stress on the few access points to increase performance.  This is definitely exciting for us and I am sure it is very exciting for all.
User Profile Improvements 

In an effort to further speed up Windows logins and reduce the number of issues with user profiles, we are modifying the way user profiles function. This change will be in effect throughout the remainder of the school year and into the summer. This change is mostly a backend change and you shouldn’t notice anything.
The main effect of this change is some personalization settings will not be automatically “remembered” when logging into a computer for the first time.
These personalization settings include:
  • Personally added printers
    • Common school printers (such as Labs, Office printers, etc) will still automatically be added upon login
    • Only personally added printers will need to be re-added
  • Mapped Drives
  • Background image
  • Pins on Taskbar / Start Menu
  • Outlook signature default setting