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President 's Report - February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of our club newsletter. I hope you are surviving the heat we have experienced over the last few months. I know our course superintendent welcomed the rain we had prior to and after Christmas but the heat and humidity have made his job more difficult causing some problems with disease in our greens. It is a very hard job trying to keep the course in an acceptable playing condition with minimal staff and varying weather conditions. 
Vale George Middleton
Our Patron and longest serving Life Member George Middleton passed away on 30th January 2019. George was held in very high esteem at Carnarvon Golf Club and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. I extend my sincere condolences to Georges’ wife Nancy and family for their loss. George had been a member of Carnarvon since November 1950 and served on the Board from 1958 until 1977. He held the position of Captain in 1963 and 1964 and President from 1966 until 1969. He was made a life member in 1970 and appointed Patron of the club in the same year. George was a stalwart of Carnarvon Golf Club and I will miss his advice and presence greatly. George and Nancy Middleton Garden is situated on the 13th tee and I urge you all to think of George whenever you play that hole.

President 's Report continued

The Dredge was moved to a position next to the 18th dam on Wednesday 23 January 2019 with the use of a crane. It was a major task to move the dredge across the 18th fairway with minimal damage to the turf and trees. I must thank all those who assisted in the move, helping move the mats in front of the crane to stop the damage. The dredge will be commissioned over the next few months to be ready for dredging to start when time and staffing permits.

As I stated in my last newsletter and in my letter to members in December, we have a problem in membership revenue. This is a problem that is not going to be remedied easily. One area of concern is the senior membership discounts. Currently we have 150 Senior male members and 28 Senior female members. In the next four years there are a further 43 members that will qualify for senior membership. Our total numbers for senior membership will be 219 members in 2022.

2019: 12 new seniors
2020: 12 new seniors
2021: 11 new seniors
2022:  8 new seniors

The current membership numbers for Senior Full Playing and Senior Playing including the 43 will total 219 senior members and our full playing and playing memberships will total 279 if we maintain our current membership levels. That is only a difference of 60 players. Our membership revenue is at the lowest it has been, being $678,122 where as in 2014 the figure was $818,150. That is a decline in revenue of over $140,000. I may seem to be singling out one class of membership but overall membership fees need to be reviewed as the discounts and fee structure is not generating sufficient revenue and may be discriminatory as per the next topic.
Sex Discrimination
You will probably have read the article on Royal Queensland Golf Club (RQGC) in the latest edition of Inside Golf. The article stated that RQGC had been guilty of sex discrimination against women golfers. This article will cause concern for many golf clubs that have membership categories that discriminate against female golfers. Carnarvon Golf Club constitution Section 20 states that “All classes of membership are open to both genders.” Even though our constitution states that all classes of membership are open to both genders, that in itself is discriminatory because it specifies “both genders” and not all genders. Such is the severity of the Antidiscrimination Legislation. In short, we need to go through our constitution and make changes to ensure that we are not being discriminatory. Hopefully the Board can present a suitable resolution to change our constitution at the next Annual General Meeting.
I take this opportunity to wish all our members and members family members that are in hospital a quick recovery and return to the club. I know that there are a number of our members that are fighting a battle with cancer which is a terrible disease. I hope that they win their battle and fully recover.
Golf Quote
“the only time my prayers are never answered are on the golf course”
Billy Graham

Yours in Golf
John Honeybrook

The Dredge on Moving Day! Soon to be placed in the dams

Captains Report 

As all are aware extreme hot and humid weather is being experienced resulting with at least three greens (2,3,15) being under stress consequently leading to dry patch which then opens the door to disease.  The Superintendent is doing everything possible to combat this problem.
Just to add to the problems on the greens, the corellas have been active attacking the 11th, 13th, 16th, 18th and 19th greens.  Some measures have been put in place to deter this happening (hopefully).
The greens renovations are programmed for March, this is to allow effective movement of air and water into the soil and the movement out of damaging sulphur dioxide gas that is naturally produced in the soil during the warmer months.
The closure of the 12th hole will be on going for at least another three weeks as the construction seems to be expanding the original project which is altering the original time frame.
The Major pennant season started last Sunday.  Carnarvon started the season in good form with a convincing win against Royal Sydney (6 – 1) at home.  Hope the good form continues when Carnarvon play the return match at Royal Sydney this coming Sunday 17th February.
Team Representatives this year are:
Mark Williams, Sean Moylan, Dilshad Ali, Glenn Osborne, Iqbal Daryab, Brad Lincoln, Andrew Wallace, Ben Haynes and Musteba Erden.
Teams competing in our division are:
Cumberland, Eastlakes, and Royal Sydney.
Congratulations to the winners.
President’s Trophy Nett Winner:  Dean Mifsud (20) 135…Scratch Winner: James Lind (149)
Veteran’s Trophy Nett Winner:  K.Oh (9) 139….Scratch Winner: Paul Merrigan (152)
The Board has made the decision to reintroduce the presentation night to be held on 23rd November at which time all Major Event Winners will be presented with their trophies.
Members are reminded that there is a dress code when playing golf.  The standard of dress seems to be deteriorating over the past few months.  Shirts have been allowed to be worn outside of shorts but in some cases they appear to be more like dresses and very untidy.  Also socks are supposed to be predominately white.  Golfers should at least look like golfers which means neat and tidy whilst participating.

Dress Regulations may be found on page 4 of the fixture book and also on the Board outside the Pro Shop.

Yours in golf
Chris Thomson
Our 2019 Major Pennant Team receiving their shirts. Pictured from left to right:
Dilshad Ali, Andrew Wallace, Ben Haynes, Glenn Osborne, Sean Moylan, Mark Williams, Musteba Erden
(absent) Brad Lincoln & Iqbal Daryab
We wish them luck this season

Finance Report

The 31st January marked the end of the Club’s financial year with the associated end of year bookkeeping and accounting procedures. The extensive renovations earlier this year generated a lot of other activity such as including new items in the Asset Register and writing off other items including the pre-existing gaming facility. The Board took the opportunity to carry out a full stocktake of the Asset Register which in turn instigated a complete review of the contents of said Asset Register. Our Register has been in existence for some twenty years and contains every item of a capital related nature purchased over that period even though many of the items have been written off or replaced during that time. The Register has been maintained as it provides a magnificent audit trail. For all of its benefits the document has become unwieldy and some action needs to be taken to make it more user friendly. As part of the review the Board moved to treat minor equipment items below $1,000 as an expense item with the purchase recorded in an asset register.

The upshot is that the existing Asset Register will be divided into three documents; firstly there will be an Archived Assets which will be the historical items, secondly the Asset Register of existing items with a written down value of zero and minor equipment purchased as an expense item with thirdly the Depreciation Register which will contain as the name suggests those items still subject to depreciation. While on the topic of depreciation in the review of the Asset Register many items were found that were not in accord with current accounting practices. The majority of these related to course improvements which had or were being capitalised. Those items have been written off and removed to archives.

The clean up of the Asset Register will reduce the depreciation expense which is no bad thing. The major depreciation charge continues to be the Clubhouse which is depreciated at 2% and consequently will be with us for another thirty years. At the moment annual depreciation is around the $400,000 mark which doesn’t do much for the bottom line.

The January accounts are not yet available so I am unable to comment on the year’s performance. The catering and functions do seem to have done well and income from the course is close to budget despite the hot weather. Expenses have been kept to near budget thanks to the oversight by Mitch Nakic and Shay Tasker. The increase in competition fees and the introduction of social golf fees has been a boost. Members’ subscriptions are falling away due mainly to the high percentage of those on discounted seniors rates. John Honeybrook has dealt with this in his President’s Report and I recommend all Members to read his excellent article.
Pax Vobiscum
Barry Ryan

Chariman, Finance Committee
Since our last newsletter, three of our longest serving Members were presented with their 50 year medallions by President John Honeybrook.

Raymond Woods joined Carnarvon on 1st October 1968

John Hilton joined Carnarvon on 1st October 1968

Michael McLeay joined Carnarvon on 1st December 1968

We thank you for your years of loyalty and service with Carnarvon

From the General Managers Desk

Nottinghill 65
Nottinghill 65 continues its success in leaps and bounds since the renovation, we have had an overall 9.5% increase in sales over last year. The functions provided an increase in sales of 15.5% over last year which is also a great result. This in a huge part is driven by Chef Rufus and his team with his unrelenting desire to provide unique and quality fair. We have seen our monthly international dishes with a spin, taking off and this month we are celebrating Korea’s favourite BBQ dish, Bulgogi with Kimchi and rice. Well done Rufus, Heidi and your team.

Like most venues, bar sales lagged behind as the national reduction in liquor consumption reached its lowest levels in several decades. Through the efforts of Management in particular Melissa & Danielle regular food pairing and promotions were marketed which saw our sales increase by nearly 5% over last year. A great effort in difficult circumstances!!

Poker Machines
Gaming has been stagnant and an increase in payouts has seen us finish 4% lower than last year. Towards the end of the year we had trialled a late night opening which initially bought some success which soon evaporated as neighbouring venues followed suit. We will still be open to the wee hours in the morning as the need arises.

With the new financial year upon us we have begun developing a new range of promotions to spice up those Wednesday, Thursday & Friday nights. Our meat raffles continue to be a success as is the Friday Frenzy which I’m sure the members appreciate.

As you all have noticed the recent sweltering heat had taken a toll on our old air-conditioning system. Fixing the outdated system was hampered by the timing over the holiday period and sourcing the necessary parts required which left the club in a less than ideal situation. To those that supported the club at this time and the staff battling through, I thank you. You will be pleased to know the Board have agreed to phase out the system and we have a new system servicing the gamin lounge with the bar unit being replaced very soon. This will ensure your comfort and make for a pleasant stay no matter the conditions. On a side note I would like to send my appreciation to Shay and his team on course, it certainly isn’t easy slogging away in the heat as you have done well done guys.
Financial Reporting
As Barry has mentioned with the help of David our accountant we have identified a lot of items in our asset register that has built up our depreciation over the past two decades. After an audit of the register the Finance Committee has identified numerous items requiring to be written off. This clean up allows us to start the new financial year with a better measure on how we are operating. Thank you to David for your help.
To the Board and staff, I thank you all for the support and to the members I hope we have served you well and look forward to doing that in the future at this great little club.

Warm Regards,
Mitch Nakic
General Manager

The Ray Harrison & Alex Mercer Junior Masters Tournament was held on Monday 21 January 2019. A few photos of the very talented young golfers that competed in the tournament. There were 38 Starters on the day. We hope to see them at Carnarvon at our next Junior Masters Event
Junior Masters Results
U17 Boys Scratch Winner: Bradley Hooper (Oatlands)
U17 Boys Runner Up: Rupudaman Singh (Castle Hill)
U17 Boys Nett Winner: Hugo Zhao (Oatlands)
U17 Girls Scratch Winner: Abbey Bull (Beverley Park)
U17 Girls Runner Up: Angela Liu (Moore Park)
U17 Girls Nett Winner: Aimee Lagesse (Moore Park)
U14 Boys Scratch Winner: Nihal Gaunder (Cumberland)
U14 Boys Runner Up: Shashank Koirala (Bonnie Doon)
U14 Boys Nett Winner: Jackson Northey (Stonecutters)
U14 Girls Scratch Winner: Ju Jang (Toukley)
U14 Girls Runner Up: Ha Lee (Avondale)
U14 Girls Nett Winner: Rachel Lee (North Ryde)
U12 Overall Nett Winner: Christian Climie (Kareela)
U12 Overall Runner Up: Alex Pappas


The Veterans Golf Club is open to Carnarvon Golf Club members who are 55 years and older, hold, or have held an official handicap at Carnarvon Golf Club, and wish to play 11 holes of golf on Thursday morning. The tee is open from 0700 hours till 0830 hours unless we are notified of any one off corporate arrangement or course closed for any other reason. Members should report to the Club Professional between the above hours and pay $8.00 entry fee and after which the rules of golf apply.

We would like to thank Michael Callaby and his staff for their support and the work completed each Thursday in maintaining our handicap system and starting the members each Thursday.

The Fred Cherry Memorial Award has now ceased and in its place will be the George Middleton Memorial Award run on game days where each player’s card is numbered and goes into a draw which has a prize of $20.00 jackpotting each week if not claimed.

We also continue to have the Sponsorship from Greg Okladnikov, Dealer Principal of Starr Partners, Real Estate Agents at Auburn 146 South Parade Auburn, (phone 02 9749 4949).  We thank you for your generous support Greg.

We have had eight games since our last newsletter with average attendance down to 40 per week. Some of the regulars are carrying injuries at the present time and are unable to play.
The Veterans’ Golf Club is an integral part of Carnarvon Golf Club and we would like to extend an invitation to any senior golfers to join us as we are sure you will enjoy the Club and the camaraderie.

We have lost our dear friend, Patron and long-time Life Member, George Middleton, who we will greatly miss. We express our deepest sympathy to Nancy and her family in their loss.
We are also aware of several of unwell members and wish them a speedy recovery and return to our social Thursdays.

22nd November, 2018
Winner: Chae Hyon Oh (14 Points)   R/Up: Peter Prineas (13 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Yoon Ree Lee     Fred Cherry Award: Len Field
6th December, 2018
Winner: Chae Hyon Oh (13 Points)   R/Up: Neville Brown (12 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Peter Jang    Fred Cherry Award: No result
13th December, 2018
Winner: Peter Jang (16 Points)    R/Up: Jim Keun (13 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Graham Steptoe    Fred Cherry Award: Bill Lang
20th December, 2018                 
Winner: Leo Kinch (12 Points)    R/Up: Russell Spittal (11 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Mary Brown    Fred Cherry Award: Margaret Kedwell
17th January, 2019
Winner: Kevin Joseph (11 Points c/b)    R/Up: Lance Flecknoe (11 Points c/b)
Starr Partners Award: Paul Sharp    Fred Cherry Award: Dawn Wright
24th January, 2019
Winner: Mary Brown (11 Points c/b)    R/Up: Chae Hyon Oh (11 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Noelene Donnellan     Fred Cherry Award: Phil Russo  
31st January, 2019
Winner: Inja Kim (11 Points)    R/Up: Margaret Velkou (10 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Joan Causley
George Middleton Memorial Award: Daphne Dennison
7th February, 2019
Winner: Young Sook Han (19 Points)    R/Up: Jim Keun (14 Points)
Starr Partners Award: Ron Kirby
George Middleton Memorial Award: Norma Griffiths
On behalf of Graham and Lance, I thank the Vet members for their support and look forward to your continued company during the coming year.
Keith Speer
President, Carnarvon Veterans Golf Club
Was held on the 13TH December, 2018 with 56 members attending.  An excellent lunch was provided by Heidi and her catering team, well supported by Anna and her team.
- Keith Speer

Len Plummer Memorial Trophy 2018
Fay Butcher.
Fay returned the best score over the field to win the Trophy

Carnarvon Ladies Member of the Year for 2018 - Carol Flecknoe
Carol has made considerate contributions to the Club over the years, and can be seen sharing her generous smile on the golf course as well as in the Clubhouse. Carnarvon is appreciative of your efforts
Having a milestone Birthday or considering holding a function in 2019, contact our Functions Manager Heidi Manson.
We can also cater for Conferences, Trade Shows, Seminars & Meetings
"Carnarvon Function Centre - The perfect venue for any occassion"

Ladies Match & General Committee  

Happy New Year
The Ladies Committee, which is made up of Barbara Lynch (Captain), Una Bell (Vice-Captain) and committee members Lisa Kim, Agnes Cho and Michelle Park, would like to wish all our members a Happy New Year and may it be a great golfing year ahead for everyone.

New Rules of Golf 2019
A big thank you to Bob Byrne who conducted an information session on the new Rules of Golf. Our lady members appreciated you giving up your time to explain the most relevant changes.

Our pennants season will start again on 22/2/19 with our first grade game. Pennant season runs from now until August and we look forward to your continued support this year in representing and caddying. Good luck everyone.

Charity Day
This year we will continue to combine our charity day with our novelty event of 3 clubs plus putter. The event will have an entry fee of $20 for members and $33 for visitors with the extra funds being donated to State Emergency Services Volunteers Association (SESVA).

2019 Ladies Information Sheet.
There is an information sheet in the ladies room detailing a few changes with some of our competition events this year. These changes include:
  • Tied result in medal rounds
  • Jade course no longer in use
  • Eclectic competition
  • Mixed foursomes over 2 rounds
  • New members’ qualifying period to win a club championship
  • Combined Presentation Day for men and lady members in November
Thanks to Pro Shop, Groundstaff, Office Staff & Bistro Staff
Thanks to all the staff for their hard work in keeping the course and clubhouse going so well despite the elements.

Upcoming Events
20 March – Mixed Charity Novelty Stableford. Novelty event - 3 clubs plus putter. Players can only have a maximum 4 clubs in their bag during the round. Supporting State Emergency Services Volunteer Association.
7th & 14th April –  Mixed Foursomes Championships
Una Bell
For the Ladies Match and General Committee
$10 Cocktails available for Drag Bingo Thursdays! Each cocktail purchase includes a complimentary Bingo Book for the night!
Starting from February, why not try...

Pina Colada, Margarita, Strawberry Mojito, Japanese Slipper or Tequila Sunrise

Theres lots of fun to be had!
Keep an eye out for our first Edition of our Quarterly Club Magazine, released this March!
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