Kaiser Souzai - Electronic Press Kit 2020
Resident Advisor
"I’ve been in the studio -as always- quite a bit and have releases coming up on Unity (“At Night”),
and ICONYCKaiser Waltz EP,  an EP for Spartaque's CODEX label and of course the 001 release on our new implemented BALLROOM BLACK label, which is called “Tokkata” with support from Spartaque, Barbuto, Boris, Umek, Simon Shackleton, Pig&Dan, Mihalis Safras, Sam Paganini.  I also included a track for berlin-based "Zug Der Liebe" compilation, which is the renewed  non-commercial version of the  famous Love Parade, which draws again 100.000 ravers and dancers on the street and I'm looking forward to play the parade in August. Later this year will follow a remix on SCI+TEC and another release on TRONIC.
I also worked on a video project with ICONIC TV with filming a live set from me in Berlin and Croatia, other artists in the project include Carl Cox, Umek, Darren Emerson and many more, which will be broadcasted later this summer, so stay tuned for this.
This summer will also see the birth of my Alter Ego project The Purple Kaiser with the first release on Bar 25 Music, which follows musically a very lush and melodic path.
As for touring, I will be touring India, South America and Australia, in between I will do some shows in europe,
please check for open slots."
Releases this year have been on: Ballroom, Ballroom Black, Tronic, Transmit, Unity, ICONYC, Layer 909, BluFin, Jannowitz...
// Kaiser Souzai's Selected Sets
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Who is Kaiser Souzai ?

Kaiser Souzai is rooted in Berlin, feeling at home on earth, gathering input from every country he is  travelling to, most of his work is  created while being on tour. Carving his very own niche of what he calls  Progressive Techno, he has defined his sound for many years which has its influences from House and Techno as well as the Prog Bands of the 70ties. This he brings on-stage in his Hybrid Set, jamming with electronic Percussion and playing only Kaiser Souzai material or artists that have released on his Ballroom Record  imprint, delivering a unique night of a Kaiser Souzai artist performance.


// Kaiser Souzai's Selected Releases
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// Kaiser Souzai's Selected Tour Stops
uberhaus, Beirut (LBN)
WOMB, Tokyo (JPN)
Forsage, Kiev (UKR)
Maximus, Kotor (MNE)
Rhythm & Alps Festival, Wanaka (NZ)
Earth Festival, near Melbourne (AUS)
S.A.S.H., Sydney (AUS)
Burdekin, Sydney (AUS)
Pawn & Co., Melbourne (AUS)
Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi (VNM)
Como, Kuala Lumpur (MYS)
Sweatbox, Kuala Lumpur (MYS)
Headquarters, Singapore (SGP)
Beam, Bangkok (THA)
LiveRCA, Bangkok (THA)
Samsara, Koh Phangan (THA)
Jungle Experience, Koh Phangan (THA)
Lighthouse, Koh Phangan (THA)
Sandcastle, Koh Phangan (THA)
Euriska, Pune (IND)
Underground, Kolkata (IND)
Playboy Club, Hyderabat (IND)
ClubNL, Amsterdam (NLD)
De Club Up, Amsterdam (NLD)
Projekt Pralnia, Wroclaw (PL)
HIVE, Zürich (CHE)
Jägerhalle, Basel (CHE)
Schlaflos, Aarau (CHE)
Albani Music Club, Winterthur (CHE)
Café D'Anvers, Brussels (BEL)
Sundaze Festival, Lure (FR)
Das Werk, Vienna (AUT)
Club Vaag, Brussels (BEL)
Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich (DE)
Blütenzauber Open Air, Werder (DE)
Parookaville Festival, Weeze (DE)
Freiluftfestival, Usedom (DE)
Distillery, Leipzig (DE)
Laguna Club, Frankfurt Oder (DE)
Else, Berlin (DE)
Kompass Klub, Ghent (BEL)
Climax, Stuttgart (DE)
Badewanne, Nuremberg (DE)
Nation of Gondwana, Grünefeld (DE)
FEEL Festival, Lichterfeld (DE)
Reineke Fuchs, Cologne (DE)
Heinz Gaul, Cologne (DE)
YUCA Club, Cologen (DE)
Schmitz Katze, Freiburg (DE)
Kühlhaus, Flensburg (DE)
Palazzo, Bingen (DE)
NFF Club - Bremen (DE)
Brain Club, Braunschweig (DE)
Helene Beach Festival, Fr. Oder (DE)
Baalsaal, Hamburg (DE)
Kurhotel - Hamburg (DE)
Villa Nova - Hamburg (DE)

Watergate, Berlin (DE)
Sisyphos - Berlin (DE)
Wilde Renate - Berlin (DE)
Kosmonaut - Berlin (DE)
Ritter Butzke - Berlin (DE)
Club der Visionäre - Berlin (DE)
Chalet - Berlin (DE)
Suicide Circus - Berlin (DE)
Burg Schnabel - Berlin (DE)
IPSE - Berlin (DE)
Bunker, Berlin (DE)
House of Weekend - Berlin (DE)
Rummelsbucht - Berlin (DE)
Humboldthain - Berlin (DE)
Haubentaucher - Berlin (DE)
Magdalena - Berlin (DE)
Birgit&Bier - Berlin (DE)
// Kaiser Souzai's Press Releases
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Released on:
Ballroom Records, Blaufield, Definitive, Trapez, Sprout, Throne Room, Kinetika, Tulipa, Hope, Jannowitz Records, Schallbox Records, Subliminal, Natura Viva, Yellow Tail / BluFin, Rotor Recordings, Delete International, Conjoint, Static Music, Egothermia, Advanced (White), Go Deeva Records

Booka Shade, Dave Seaman, Toni Rios, John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Roland Clark, Oliver Moldan, The Scumfrog, Transcode, Thankyou City, Benotmane, Ozgur Can, Steve Nash, Tomy Wahl, Luca Gaeta, Stanny Abram, Oliver Carloni

Remixed by:
Alberto Ruiz, Marco Lys, Oliver Koletzki, Dubspeeka, Marc DePulse, Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Lion, Andre Gazolla, Daniele di Martini, Mars Bill, Horatio, Ramon Tapia, Carlo Ruetz, Boy Next Door, Mars Bill, Luca M, M. Fukuda, Piemont, Gorge, Luetzenkirchen, Maverickz, Stanny Abram, Chicago Loop, Phonique, Tigerskin, Steve Nash, Trick & Kubic, Zakari & Blange, Kamara, Barbuto, Luca Guerrieri

Kaiser Souzai tracks are played by:
John Digweed, Sven Vaeth, Adam Beyer, Nicole Moudaber, Sasha, Nick Warren, Danny Tenaglia, Cristian Varela, D-Nox & Beckers, K.A.L.I.L, Oscar L, Sinisa Tamamovic, DJ Lion, Joseph Capriati, Rick Maia, Marco Lys, Stacey Pullen, Hermanez, Luke Warren, Arjun Vagale, Rob Hes, Quivver ...
// Kaiser Souzai's Selected Releases
If you want to check out the releases, click on the graphics below
// Ballroom Records Selected Releases
If you want to check out the releases, click on the graphics below
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