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Shibatacho Gallery

galerie bruno massa - ART OSAKA / 26th floor in room 6006

galerie bruno massa - Shibatacho Gallery / POP UP EVENT
Once Upon a Time in Kansai !


F. Agid, P. Abramovich, S. Biloe, N. Chachanidze, C. Corre, P. Desmarquest, M.-F. Demortier, G. Duplaix, F. Ekuni, G. Escougnou, M. Fassone, B. Fièvre, E. Huet, T. Ikehila, Jaja, K.-H. Huang, Kardesch, K. Kojima, U. Krauss, L. Loughnan,  P. Manavi, T. Matsutani, M. Miramont, C. Nevin, R. Obata, S. Oe, G. Micheneau, D. Paugam, C. Perrier, G. Pratneker, G. R. Quinio, S. B. Quiti, A. Segui, S. Sainrapt, L. Sarkis, R. Scarbonchi, V. Seethepalli, K. Shtrauss-Valar, J. Sibre, J. Temim, S. Texereau, B. Urcan, M. Wanibuchi, & G. Warzée

July 4-5 2015 - Hotel Granvia Osaka
July 16-28 2015
1F Inoi Dai-ni Bldg., 2-9-19 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi

opening reception 
on July 3rd & July 18th 2015 from 6pm to 9pm
by invitation only

Art Osaka 2015
Shibatacho Gallery
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