Texas AG Agrees with Plaintiffs on New Voting Rules in HD 120 Special Election
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BREAKING: Texas AG Agrees with Plaintiffs on New Voting Rules in HD 120 Special Election 

After an agreement was struck between plaintiffs challenging the Texas Voter ID law and attorneys representing Governor Abbott, Federal District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos is expected to issue an order laying out the voter guidelines for the August 2, 2016 Special Election in State House District 120.  The new requirement would replace the discriminatory guidelines enacted by Republican state leaders in 2011 and enforced in Texas elections since 2012. 
The agreement comes just three days after the 5th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals became the fourth federal court to rule that the Texas Voter ID law is discriminatory and in violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act and the Constitution.
The new guidelines were agreed to by both the plaintiffs and attorneys representing Governor Abbott and other state leaders.  They would be in effect for only the HD 120 Special Election, but can fairly be seen as a starting point in ending the efforts of state leaders to discourage and suppress voter turnout by enforcing the discriminatory 2011 voting law.  Additional reforms will be considered before a permanent order is issued later this summer before the November elections. 
In brief, the new rules would end the ability of election officials to block otherwise eligible citizens from voting simply because they do not have a current driver license or one of the other specific types of photo ID's required under the discriminatory law.  For the special election, eligible voters without photo ID's would be able to provide an alternative ID such as a voter registration card or a current utility bill confirming their identity and then sign an affidavit to obtain a provisional ballot that must be counted.
Statement of Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle:

"The new guidelines for the special election would help people vote who otherwise would have been disenfranchised.   It is also further confirmation that Governor Abbott and state Republican leaders have been imposing a discriminatory law on Texas citizens for more than four years. 

"Congressman Marc Veasey, along with the other plaintiffs in the case, deserve thanks and congratulations for having the courage and tenacity to fight back."

For questions regarding the substance of the Court order and the status of the Voter ID case, reporters can call Veasey plaintiff’s attorneys Chad Dunn at 281-382-3754 or Gerry Hebert at 703-628-4673.

Matt Angle is founder and director of the Lone Star Project, a Texas Democratic PAC.
July 23, 2016
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