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Trump Shows He's Playing to Win With Bold Address

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Trump Pretends to Be Presidential to Con the Nation

Sally Kohn, USA Today

Ripping Off the Democrats' Mask

Stephen Presser, American Greatness

Stacey Abrams's New Strategy for Democrats

Vann Newkirk, The Atlantic

Dems Won't Cheer for Record-Low Minority Unemployment

Tom Rogan, DC Examiner

Trump's SOTU Was Really About White Ethno-Nationalism

Zack Beauchamp, Vox

Amid Notes of Unity, Trump Stands His Ground

Susan Crabtree, RealClearPolitics

Abortion Laws & the Banality of Evil, 2019 Version

Kathleen Parker, Washington Post

Trump's Assault on Abortion Rights Must Be Rejected

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NY Times

Congress's Vote to Keep Afghan War Sells Out U.S. Soldiers

Jesse Kelly, Federalist

Trump Is Stumbling His Way to a Middle East Retreat

David Ignatius, Washington Post

It's Time to Let Go of America's 18-Year Afghan War

Miller & Sokolsky, CNN

Justin Fairfax's Accuser Is More Credible Than Blasey Ford

Matt Walsh, Daily Wire

Northam Case Distracts From Broader American Racism

Janell Ross, NBC News

Elizabeth Warren's Slow-Motion Nightmare Continues

Becket Adams, DC Examiner

Why Is Everyone So Sure Schultz Would Help Trump?

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

NBC News Relies on Firm Caught Fabricating Russia Data

Glenn Greenwald, Intercept

If Only Trump Would Do That More Often

Washington Examiner

Trump's Same Old Polarizing Demagoguery--at Great Length

Washington Post

Abortion: A Winning Issue for Trump

New York Sun

The Anti-Vaxx Movement Is a Worldwide Pandemic

Los Angeles Times

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