The Think Tank is planning BBQs and women's retreats. Holla.
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The Think Tank, who currently carries in its ranks the founder of Inspired Women L.A., is excited to host a two-day women's conference as our first official con. The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living. They've been stopping by every week in preparation so we know it's going to be a killer event. Tell your homegirls!
The Think Tank has seen a lot of different stages in its growth, literal and figurative. We are excited to bring a ton of them together for our Summer Sendoff BBQ series next month, which you'll hear more about on this newsletter and our social, so keep an eye out. We never could have guessed that we'd be where we are, but being contracted by the City to program festivals and plotting mural takeovers with neighborhood leadership are two exciting fronts we're eagerly diving into. This Summer Sendoff series is a chance for us to go back to our DIY roots. Dope art, music, knowledge sharing, all of it. Artist-run spaces pop up all over LA and we love every single one; we're thrilled that we are still around during this renaissance, and we hope to see all of our brothers and sisters in similar spaces thrive and find crazy new things to try like we get to. We also can't wait to unveil some of the things we're rolling out through 2015. 

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Jacob Patterson – director
Who knew that computers could dream? Looks like Google did... check it out here.
Street art meets clever conversation via playful graffiti. Read the whole story about Mobstr here.
Paddling along the water, Hula creates beautiful street art. Peep his pieces and process.
We know at least a handful of people that have believed The Onion to be a real news source.
JON BRION | Legendary Jon Brion at the Largo. July 31, 8PM
SHOPWALK DTLA | Downtown becomes a bazaar with mad deals. August 2, 12PM-7PM.
SPLASH | Check out some local artists and grab some food. August 1, 1PM-7PM
COP CAR | Cop love at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. August 2, 8:30pm
JEFF GOLDBLUM | Dope show at the Rockwell Table & Stage. August 19, 7:30PM
AKI SASAMOTO | Exhibit at the Harmony Murphy.
Until August 15th.
THE PROMISE OF SOMETHING AND NOTHING | Exhibit at the Sonce Alexander Gallery.
Until August 15th.
ART + FILM GALA | Celebrating James Turrell and filmmaker Alejándro Gonzalez Iñárritu at LACMA.
November 7, 6:30PM
For this Summer (and probably beyond tbh), we're giving a hefty discount to those down to party or shoot on school nights. Sun-Thurs we're flipping the spot for cheap. Hit us up if you want to rent us out.
Creative credits, top to bottom, left to right: design Dino Nama and; Yellow Conference Photo @briennemichelle; Leditor Design Dino Nama; Jon Brion The LargoMobstr - m@mobstr.orgShopwalk DTLA Ari Simon; Splash Tom Roof; Deep Dreams Think Tank; Nextfest Sundance; Jeff Goldblum RockwellHula Sean YoroAki Sasamoto Harmony Murphy; Sonce Alexander Gallery Facebook Photo; The Onion The Onion; Art + Film Gala Lacma; School Nights Dino Nama Think Tank Gallery
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