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Friday, February 10, 2017 Volume 5  | Issue 29
Governor Cancels Pence’s Wireless Deal to Fund Construction Projects
UPDATE Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced the Indiana Finance Authority has “terminated” a 25-year, $260 million agreement with Ohio-based Agile Networks to lease space on state-owned communication towers, reports the Indianapolis Business Journal.

This comes after the deal, which was reported in December by Inside Towers, received significant pushback from groups like the Indiana Cable Telecommunications Association and the Indiana Broadband and Technology Association who opposed the expansiveness of the transaction, which would have included the state’s fiber infrastructure and public rights-of-way.

Holcomb told the Indianapolis Business Journal that he “lean[s] into rebidding this, but want[s] to make sure we get a deal, and a deal just never materialized.”

Vice President and former Indiana governor Mike Pence announced a series of construction projects across the state, which would have been funded by revenue generated from this agreement. Construction has already begun on some of those projects.

Holcomb said he hopes the state can find an alternative way to fund these projects, which could include a lease agreement with another wireless company.  “The projects that would have benefitted from this revenue source are worthy projects and I’d like to see them come to fruition,” Holcomb told the Indianapolis Business Journal. “How we get there needs to be reviewed.”
Graceville Broadcast Tower No Match for Straight Line Winds
WJAQ returned to air Wednesday afternoon with a temporary fix. The tower for the Marianna Class A FM was nearly folded in half by high winds Tuesday night, reports the Jackson County Floridian.

Straight line winds also knocked sister station Class B WTOT(AM) off the air. The owners’ tower in Graceville transmits the signal to the Marianna tower; the Graceville tower was not damaged, however the Marianna tower can no longer broadcast.  Representatives of the stations say efforts continue to resume normal operations.
Pai Making His Mark on FCC With Stricter Conflict Resolution Terms
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai instituted several process reform measures this week, having to do with enforcement, issue explanations and edits. The Enforcement Bureau often resolves a conflict with a licensee with a Consent Decree; that’s an agreement in which both sides agree to end litigation and come to a compromise. Often the licensee doesn’t admit guilt, but makes a “voluntary donation” to the U.S. Treasury.

The problem with that system under the previous administration was not all the Commissioners saw the document before it was released, according to Pai. The bureau chief signed the order at the direction of the Chairman’s office.

“That process ends now,” Pai says. Any Consent Decree settling a Notice of Apparent Liability or Forfeiture Order issued by the Commission must now be approved by a full Commission vote, he says, starting immediately. Continue Reading
TTY-to-RTT Transition Rules Effective This Month
The rule changes the FCC adopted in December concerning the transition from text telephone technology to real-time text communication over wireless internet protocol-enabled networks become effective on February 22.

Carriers and manufacturers can transition from TTY to RTT over time, however the first deadline comes up at the end of this year. TTY originated in the ‘70s, providing a means for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to send and receive texts over the public switched telephone network. However, transitions from circuit switched to IP-based networks and from copper to wireless and fiber infrastructure affected the quality and utility of TTY technology. Continue Reading
Apache County Zoning Board Pow Wows With Verizon
Vital Statistics: Verizon will pay a monthly lease rate of $1,000 to the Fire Department
Last Friday’s meeting in front of the Apache County Planning & Zoning Commission was supposed to focus on Verizon’s conditional use permit application for a 150’ tower near St. Johns, Arizona. But commissioners raised questions regarding tower projects that are still under development that had received conditional use permit approval in late 2015, reports the White Mountain Independent.

“A lot of what we do here is done on good faith,” Apache County Commissioner John Freeman said during last week’s public hearing, noting that conditional use permits have a “shelf life of two years.”  Continue reading
Mobilitie Tries to Pave Smooth Path for Network With Municipalities
The authorization for small cell towers may already have been granted by state law, but Mobilitie wants to make sure local officials are pleased with the location and aesthetics of the company’s wireless equipment. Mobilitie presented its request for seven 44-foot tall towers before the Milton City Council last November. Originally, the steel towers were designed to appear as utility poles.

The Forsyth Herald reported Georgia state law stipulates municipalities cannot prevent Mobilitie from using the public right-of-way to improve wireless communication coverage. According to a company representative, Mobilitie is working closely with the city to make sure the permitting process and safety guidelines are followed, and the council approves of the towers’ design. In addition to containing wireless equipment, the poles can also function as street lights.

Mobilitie says its efforts are focused on preventing any negative impact on residents. The towers can be installed in just two days, and will not require major digging. In addition, the original height of the towers was shortened from 78 feet to blend with street lights and utility poles in the community, which rise from 35-48 feet above ground.
Rep. Blackburn’s Task: Reorganizing the FCC
Reorganizing the FCC is a big goal for Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who now chairs the House Telecom Subcommittee. She held a hearing on reauthorizing the National Telecommunications and Information Association last week, and says the Commission is next. In the Senate, the Commerce Committee plans to hold an FCC oversight hearing on March 8.

She plans to let the FCC make the first step in rolling back Net Neutrality rules, “and then we’ll be able to revisit the situation,” she told reporters this week, according to Morning Consult. Chairman Pai has been vocal about cutting back the rules which re-classified the internet as a public utility Inside Towers reported; he has not yet revealed specifics concerning those changes.

The subcommittee will also emphasize broadband expansion, according to Blackburn; the topic will be addressed in an infrastructure bill written by several committees. “We recognize that in order for the administration to reach their economic development goals this needs to be done,” though she notes the Trump administration has not yet cited specifics on rural broadband deployment as part of a potential infrastructure package.

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February 9, 2017 at Close


FCC Raises Bidding Price Per Round By 15 Percent
The FCC is raising the bidding price 15 percent each round starting today for markets where unsold spectrum remains in the incentive auction. That’s up five percent.

The agency will require bidders to use up 100 percent of their bidding eligibility in each round, up from 95 percent, Broadcasting and Cable reported. As of yesterday’s last round, auction proceeds were $19,604,250,025, according to the FCC.

Another television owner has come forward to say how much money the company foresees gaining from the auction since the FCC released broadcasters from the communications ban related to the reverse auction. Sinclair Broadcast Group anticipates receiving an estimated $313 million of gross proceeds from the reverse auction.


Tower One Forms Argentina Subsidiary
Tower One Wireless announced that it has formed a 100 percent owned subsidiary in Argentina.  Founded in 2015, Tower One Wireless concentrates primarily on building towers in municipalities where there is limited or no cellular coverage. The company is currently focused on 4G and 5G LTE infrastructure expansion in Latin America.
Verizon Donates $10,000 to Help Georgia Tornado Victims

A non-profit that's helping with storm recovery efforts just received a big donation check.Tuesday afternoon, Verizon Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to MAP International, a global health and relief organization, reported WALB-TV in Albany, GA.

The funds will support 1,000 personal hygiene kits for south Georgia tornado victims. The kits are made up of items including toothbrushes, toothpaste and other products.

"These are our people that have been hurt by these latest storms and so we are going to do any and everything to reach out and help," Verizon District Manager Brad Taylor told WALB.

"Within the first 24 hours we were in Adel and we supported people locally there with 600 kits," said MAP International Corporate Relations Officer Krupa Shinde. Verizon staff said 250 bags have already been delivered to the Radium Springs area.

MAP International is also looking to partner with other local companies to assist with storm recovery efforts. To donate


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