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Bonus Blog! 12 Women on Food & Wine's "Best New Chefs" List… Since 2007

Food & Wine published its list “Best New Chefs 2016” on April 4th. They are, according to Food & Wine:

     “…up and coming…”

…and 9 out of 10 of those best new chefs are men. This is not an aberration.  

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Action of the Week: #HallofFame IACP Cookbook Award Winners!

We did find some good news! On April 3rd, the International Association of Culinary Professionals announced its 2016 IACP Award Winners. 60% of the award-winning cookbook authors this year are women! Click on the image above to share this GA Tally on Twitter and Facebook.

(You can download the GA Tally app here to make your own tallies.)

Avenger of the Week: Madeline Price

To celebrate Feminism Week at the University of Queensland, Madeline Price created a wage gap themed bake sale where women only had to pay 83 cents for a cupcake, while men forked over one dollar per treat. The event sparked waves of misogynistic online harassment directed at Madeline Price.

But her bake sale made an impact: it shone a spotlight on the many, many reasons we need feminism. “Far from simply starting a discussion about wage disparity in Australia, the online backlash over the Gender Pay Gap Bake Sale brought to light hundreds of other issues of gender inequality…” said Price. “We had students who had previously dismissed the idea of feminism approach us at the bake sale, purchase an item and explain that they “didn’t believe feminism was still needed until reading the comments posted online.” Click here to learn more.

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