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Breaking News at the Ohio State Capital Tonight – The Government has done well by the people.
In this time where many have felt the government has not been listening, today, the people were heard.  House Bill (HB) 483 was passed and has now made the measurement from the base of an industrial wind turbine to a property line instead of the way the law used to be, which was to the foundation of the home. This protects neighboring properties from devaluation and also begins to take into account the manufacturer recommendations of at least 1500 feet or more. For some reason, the wind companies want it to be less than what the wind turbine manufacturers recommended, causing property value issues and hazards to people when turbines are sighted too close.
Your State House, Senate and Governor have all listened to the people and today, made this law in the State of Ohio. Property rights have been protected and proper sighting is moving toward what is recommended. Hats off to Governor Kasich, President Faber and the many others who helped get this prudent legislation passed. This is truly government of, by and for the people. Let’s do what the wind turbine manufacturers recommend and follow the proper setbacks.
The text in HB 483 reads as follows.
(a) The rules also shall prescribe a minimum setback for a wind turbine of an economically significant wind farm. That minimum shall be equal to a horizontal distance, from the turbine's base to the property line of the wind farm property, equal to one and one-tenth times the total height of the turbine structure as measured from its base to the tip of its highest blade and be at least one thousand one hundred twenty-five feet in horizontal distance from the tip of the turbine's nearest blade at ninety degrees to the exterior of property line of the nearest, habitable, residential structure, if any, located on adjacent property at the time of the certification application. 

Foundation of a Home
Property Line?

Property Line is now the Rule of Law in Ohio.
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