Greetings from Jane Green

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Auto TLC

a clear place INTENTION

My Toyota Matrix rolled off the
assembly line in May 2004.

As the odometer clicks to 70k,
I am so grateful for the good
"carma" and dependability of this car.
We have a great relationship.

Are you giving your auto enough TLC?
Extend your clear place to your wheels.
Empty the litter trays, purge the glove box, toss the junk that's in the trunk. Pick up pet hair with a lint brush. Use a whisk broom on upholstery and shake out floor mats.

Opt out of the drive-thru once in awhile and wash your car by hand. Enjoy a mindful mingle of suds and memories ... all the places you've traveled to near and far; the services you've performed big and small - thanks to your trusty vehicle.

Your car is a rolling reflection of your attitude. As with your home and your body, take care of it and it will take care of you. Check the tires, have the oil changed regularly and always keep the gas tank at least 1/4 full.

Every time you get in your car - bless it
with a cheery  hello and a thank you.
Set the intention for a safe commute.
Smile as you drive.

Here's To Wheel Gratitude & Happy Trails!

Fresh Perspective for Loving Your Space!


No need for costly products. Squirt a little dish soap in a bucket, fill with water and voila. Tons of suds for a super wash. Rinse with a hose. Wipe with soft cloth or let air dry.

Use a toothbrush to clean around trim & crevices of window & door frames.
Keep a travel pack of baby wipes in the glove box for easy cleanup of steering wheel, dashboard and cup holders.

Fresh Energy

For a non-toxic car freshener: saturate a cotton ball or pad with 10 drops of authentic Lemon and/or Peppermint Essential Oil and place under the driver or passenger seat. It will help keep you alert behind the wheel, too. Replace weekly ... more often in hot weather.


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