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Greetings from Jane Green
A Clear Place

Jane Green

from a Slug

a clear place INTENTION

I was greeted this morning by a slug on my window. As it inched its way across the glass, I became fascinated by this rubbery creature. We were literally eyeball to eyeball. I could view its yellow underbelly and watch it extend every bit of itself in its effort to move forward. And that is the message it brought me. Slugs never turn back. They can’t. Designed as one big foot that makes a wave motion, the slug can only move forward. The front of the foot creates the electrically charged liquid (slime) on which the slug travels. This moist trail allows them to glide up and over anything, even jagged rocks.

Letting go - whether of the past, our stuff or our story - is a challenge we all face. Once again, nature provides help for our journey. Thank you, little slug, for reminding me to not look back. To slow down.
And to keep my eyes and energy
focused on moving forward.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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SPRING Reminders

Spring is the time of new beginnings and fresh starts.
The greening of the Earth renews our energy on all levels.
Connect with nature by walking in the woods, digging in the garden or simply looking out your window to view the wonders on display. Place a stem of budding flowers in your space or use the image above (the SPRING card) as a reminder that we can all be young at heart.


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