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Sisters in the Dirt
A Gift from Mother Earth


A Clear Place with Jane Green

Exactly ten years ago this week, I wrote about a surprising gift received while doing yard work. The message still sings in my heart ...
here's an excerpt:

The ivy had gotten a strangle hold on the junipers and the junipers had gotten a hold on me. Scratched skin and snagged pants, I was losing the battle on this backyard hill. All I wanted was a clear place to plant some flowers for spring. I was not a gardener and was beginning to wish I had enlisted the aid of someone who was - or at least had more experience with thickets. The sun was hot for a March afternoon and I was about to call it quits when something caught my eye - something purple lying in the dirt.

It was the tip of a crocus trying to push up under the weight of all the dead branches. This burst of color startled and delighted me and energized my efforts. Suddenly, my quest took on a whole new meaning and I was crusading for a cause. The more I cleared around the young blossom, the more flashes of color appeared ... and so did the tears. The more I rescued the flowers, the more I rescued myself. We were somehow connected - these sisters in the dirt and I. The tangled ivy and dead branches became the painful memories that had choked my growth and hid my colorful spirit. I sobbed and pulled for another hour.

The photo you see above is what greeted me the next morning. I am so very glad that I tackled the yard myself. What a gift it was to release the debris of the past and clear a path for newness to emerge.

Note: I'm still not a gardener but I am a firm believer in gifts that appear in surprising ways. What treasures might you unearth this Spring?

The Earth is sprouting and green again and hope is renewed. SPRING honors the workings of the mind, the imagination and the soaring birds. Now is the perfect time to create something new, start projects, plant seeds of thought and look at life with a fresh perspective.

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