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Meet Snowflake our newest rescue

This week a friend tagged me in a Facebook post about a baby goat that had just been saved from slaughter. He had been given as a present for someone to eat, but when a kind hearted woman saw him and heard what was going to happen to him she couldn't turn away.

She took him home and started looking for a place for him to go. He was desperately in need of a home where he could live out the rest of his life without ever having to fear history repeating itself.

The problem was he was half way across the country, so I immediately got in touch with one of my other friends who runs a sanctuary nearby but they were so overwhelmed with their current rescues that we agreed it would be better for us to take him.

So Saturday morning we set off to pick him up. After a 7 hour car ride he was home. 

He's just a tiny baby with his umbilical cord still attached. He should be with his mother but now all we can do is our best to give him the love and care he needs.

As you can see from the photos he's very happy to be here with us :)

He's all ready taken a tour of the sanctuary and he seems to love his new home. He constantly is nibbling on something, and especially likes the taste of my hair!

Because he's so tiny he's sleeping inside with us right now until he's a little bigger and then he'll go out and join the other babies. He just wants to be loved and comforted and cried like crazy when you leave him alone even for a second. 
He's full of energy and bounces around all over the place. We can't wait to share his journey with you so stay tuned for more updates!

Sending you lots of love from everyone here at the sanctuary 
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