Plus: The year’s first round of I Spy for Evergrey Extra members.
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Plus: The year’s first round of I Spy for Evergrey Extra members.

Happy first Tuesday of 2021!

We made it to the new year and while not much has visibly changed save for the numbers on our calendars, it feels good to have a metaphorical restart. 

We’re glad to be back in your inboxes, well-rested and excited to take on whatever this year will bring. We thought that we’d start with some questions we have that we hope this year will give us answers to.

Read on for our five big questions for 2021.

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Crystal ballin’

We’re starting the new year with a look into our crystal ball — sort of. 2020 is done, but many of its biggest stories are just getting started. That got us wondering: What 2020 local questions could find answers in 2021? 

Come with us for a glimpse of Seattle’s future … 

🚨 How serious will Seattle get about defunding SPD?

This past summer saw nationwide protests calling for police reform after the killings of several unarmed Black men. Seattle was just one of the cities that demanded the defunding of their city’s police department. Sustained protests that continue today successfully pushed the city council to cut SPD’s budget by almost 20%. But this was short of the 50% that activists and protestors wanted. With Mayor Jenny Durkan announcing she won’t seek reelection, plenty is at stake in November’s mayoral election. (Real Change News)

🍴Which businesses will survive when all is said and done?

COVID-19 has dealt a blow to countless local businesses, many of which are staples in their neighborhoods. No one anticipated the pandemic lasting as long as it has, and as a result of restrictions on indoor dining, many restaurants are in winter hibernation. Depending on vaccine distribution and a number of other factors, it’s up in the air when things will be back to “normal.” Will we get to see a show at The Showbox again or dine on the water at Ivar’s? (Eater Seattle)

🌳 What’s in store for Cal Anderson Park?

Over the summer, Capitol Hill became an epicenter of protests against racial injustice. After SPD abandoned the East Precinct, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest emerged — and led to Seattle being labeled an “anarchist jurisdiction” by right-wing media. Since then, many houseless folks took up residence in Cal Anderson Park, which was a part of CHOP. The city swept the park and reopened it to the public a week before Christmas. It’s unclear what’s in store for the park as the city attempts to reclaim the space. (Crosscut)

⚾️ Is this *finally* the Mariners’ year?

Being a Mariners fan is to live a life of disappointment. It’s laughable how other sports franchise fans lament their team. But like any loyal fan, we keep hoping. It takes time to build a team, you need a variety of things to go right, and management has promised us that they’re close to finding all the right pieces. Are we there yet? (The Seattle Times)

🚈 Will the Light Rail extension open as planned in September?

It seems almost unbelievable that we are now in the year that Sound Transit plans to extend light rail to Northgate. The much-anticipated extension includes three new stations: in the U-District, Roosevelt, and Northgate. As of now, it is slated to open for service in September — our fingers are crossed that nothing derails this plan. (The Stranger)

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One more thing …

What big questions do you see for our city in 2021? What do you want to see us write about this year? 

Hit reply or send us a note at

See you back here tomorrow.  ✌️   

— The Evergrey

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