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Reckless and ruthless? Yes. But is Putin insane? No.

By Anatol Lieven on May 03, 2022 02:53 am

Declaring someone irrational leads to a place in which no one wants to negotiate, because, no one wants to talk to crazy people.
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These countries are willing to risk US ire over Russia-Ukraine

By Stephen Kinzer on May 02, 2022 03:14 am

The Global South is not intimidated and has increasingly refused to ally with the West on sanctions and condemnations.
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Tell us how this war in Ukraine ends

By George Beebe on Apr 29, 2022 03:00 am

As calls grow for a 'victory' over Russia, we should examine whether such a win-lose outcome is even possible.
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Putting Biden’s new whopping $33B Ukraine package into context

By Ben Freeman on Apr 28, 2022 07:05 pm

His proposal 'would make Kyiv the largest yearly recipient of U.S. military aid of at least the past two decades.'
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Did Janet Yellen just signal a new world economic order?

By Marcus Stanley on Apr 28, 2022 03:46 am

Reorganizing global trade and markets based on security interests and ‘values’ could have significant costs
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Did the US really take Russia’s NATO concerns ‘very seriously’?

By Alex Jordan on Apr 28, 2022 03:33 am

Sen. Rand Paul gets smeared after challenging Secretary Blinken on America’s muddled Ukraine messaging.
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The horrible dangers of pushing a US proxy war in Ukraine

By Anatol Lieven on Apr 27, 2022 03:10 am

If there is indeed a shift in strategy to another level of confrontation with Russia, we need to know what we're getting into.
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