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419 Turnpike Road
Mills River, NC 28759
Priest in Charge: The Rev. Dr. Chris Mason
Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday 9 am - 12 pm
June 2, 2021
Sunday Schedule
Adult Discussion Forum 9:30 am
Holy Communion 10:45 am
Meditation of the Day


I'm glad that the stories of Jesus,
Were often of simple things,
That even I might understand.
The message that it brings.

Think of the grain of mustard seed,
The tiniest seed of all;
Hardly seen by the naked eye,
It is so very small.

But, from this small beginning,
Soon - see it in the glade -
Strong and green and leafy,
Giving shelter cool and shade.

Safe shelter for the birds,
In the leafy branches nest,
Shade for weary animals,
Taking their evening rest.

The gospel started the same snail way,
By Christ's followers, just the few,
And like the grain of mustard seed,
Spread everywhere - and grew.

Help to spread the message,
Though small your effort be,
Remember the tiny mustard seed,
That grew into a tree.

From Fr. Chris
Parables are powerful teaching tools. They can be interpreted in a number of ways. Above all, they invite us to draw our own conclusions. The gospel for this Sunday relates two parables about seeds. Our text plays on the smallness of the seed and how so much that is consequential is happening when one notices.  But it is the parable of the mustard seed that arrests much of our attention. The mustard seed was considered a weed. The rabbis taught that one could not plant mustard in a garden with other crops. Why? Once the mustard took root, it was nearly impossible to control. It would crowd out everything else. Jesus also points out that the mustard bush is not the “largest” but one of the “greatest” where birds of the air can make nests in its shade. There’s wisdom in this—as we as a church go about our work for the kingdom, we don’t need to focus on being the largest or the loudest, but a safe refuge where all the “birds” will find peace.
Family News
There will be no choir practice this week!  
Summer Employment Opportunity 

Kanuga is in great need of summer employees to work with children from nursery age to age 12.  Adults of all ages needed!   
Contact Lindsay at 610-247-1539.
Hey Y’all!

Loads of exciting things happening for our Youth and Children’s Program! We now have a cleaned up playground and we are going to be moving a couple picnic tables to the playground area so when it’s nice out we can have our Sunday School lesson outside! So parents, be on the look out, if you see us at the playground when you arrive to church drop your kids off there and I will bring them back in at peace time! 

This week we are going to be talking about faith, and how to be faithful. I’m excited to see what our kiddos have to say about their faith and why they have faith in God, even when they can’t see him. 

There are still a few items on our Amazon registry for the classroom, and I am going to add a few outdoor toys for our playground too! If you feel called to purchase something for our kiddos and our growing program I would be so thankful! Here is the link to shop!

I want to tell you all how blessed I feel to be part of such a supportive and involved congregation, I love that everyone is so welcoming of all of the children and so positive about them being present in the church service! 

I hope you all have a blessed week and I can’t wait to see you on Sunday! 
Charlotte Garcia 
Children’s and Family Coordinator 
We currently have $ 3100 toward the $5000 needed to purchase our Ingles cards. So please sign up on the bulletin board sheet, call 828-891-7095, or email Teresa Kelly at Please indicate the total amount desired and how many cards of each denomination are desired. Cards are available as $100, $50, $25 and $10. 
 Please have orders in by Sunday June 13 so I can have cards available for you on Sunday June 20. If you have not purchased cards before please consider trying it; you’ll be helping Holy Family reach out to those in need. 

Thank you, Teresa Kelly
Holy Family members have provided $1000 and Outreach has provided $200 to support the Grow Our Own initiative, a program supported by local churches and other organizations through the Henderson County Education Foundation, to expand the number of minority educators through scholarships.  
Holy Family Lunch 
Holy Family lunches are resuming with a gathering at the Book and Bee Cafe 1:30 pm Wednesday, June 16. The  Book and Bee is located at the corner of Rt. 191 and Mountain Road in Hendersonville. Please RSVP to Evie Brush 828-891-9326. 


We can now resume coffee hour after Sunday services. That being said we need volunteers willing to make coffee and do clean up. Free will donations of snacks are welcome so we can get up and running again
IAM Food Drive Status
We’re making good progress on our IAM food drive. Let’s keep up our generosity and achieve this goal. 

IAM  Needs for June:

Bags of oranges, apples, potatoes, onions

Sliced Sandwich bread, hamburger, & hot dog buns
Ketchup (20-30 oz.), Mustard (8-20 oz)
Mayonnaise (20-30 oz.)
Pasta: elbow macaroni,shells,spaghetti, lasagne 
Ramen Noodles
White rice 1 lb bag or box
Canned jalapeño 
Hamburger Helper
Toliet paper
Deodarant,bar soap, laundry detergent

Holy Family Happenings

- Executive Committee Meets every Wednesday at 1:00 pm
- Harp Lessons-Every Friday, Scheduled between 11am and 4 pm
- Men’s breakfast is every Wednesday at  Kostas Kitchen 8:30 am
- Choir Rehearsal is every Wednesday at 4:30 
- June 19- Harp Circle 1-3 pm
- June- 28 Vestry Meeting 4 pm
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Third Sunday after Pentecost
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Second Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am Adult Discussion Link:
10:45 am Holy Eucharist Link:

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