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Fighting a Forest Fire – Your Pain

There is never a single solution for your chronic pain. There are many factors that have to be addressed and each aspect has many individualized possibilities. It can be compared to fighting a forest fire. Clearly every possible resource is utilized to extinguish one.

Local brigades can extinguish most wildfires quickly if they are detected early. It is well documented in the medical literature that early intervention in high-risk patients is the one factor that will consistently improve outcomes. It also prevents a given situation from becoming high risk.

Someone has to be in charge

If a wildfire becomes too large a general call for help is sent out. The first fire chief to arrive on the scene is the one in charge and sets up the base of operations. He or she has to coordinate the operation. The person that must take charge of your chronic pain is you. You are unique and even if your doctor could spend hours with you assessing your situation, he or she could not really know your life in enough detail to solve your problems. You are the only one who is experiencing your life through your eyes.

The essence of fighting a forest fire is assessing the situation, containing it and taking away its fuel. Extinguishing the blaze requires multiple strategies depending on the height of the flames, local terrain, weather and many other factors determine the choice of resources and strategy. For example, fire travels more quickly up a steep hillside, especially when it is dry and fanned by a strong wind. Compare that to a brush fire on flat land without wind and it is raining. That is the same approach that is effective in dealing with chronic pain.


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