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May 2016 Newsletter

NEW Dog Walking Service!

St Louis Dog Training Dog WalkingEarlier this year, my husband, Dan, and I had the chance to take the Dog Walking Academy certification course with dog*tec co-owner, Veronica Boutelle, in San Francisco, CA. The certification course was so comprehensive and offered in such detail. It was an honor to learn from such a top-notch industry

So after some tweaks to the website (okay – a complete overhaul – check it out here!) and a total re-branding effort, I’m proud and thrilled to announce that The Persuaded Pooch now offers daily dog walking as an expansion of our services.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I want to celebrate the launch of the dog walking service by offering 50% off the first month's service to all current and previous dog training clients!

Have questions? Want to learn more? Check out the Dog Walking Services page here, or contact us!

Getting Your Dog Ready for Summer Action

Did spring break and Easter sneak up on you? How about tax day?… Well, guess what? Summer is just around the corner, so consider yourself duly warned. That means time to start that swimsuit diet, planning those summer BBQs and finding plenty of activities for the kids to keep them busy.

With all the craziness of planning for the human family members of the home, don’t forget to prep your dog for those classic summer activities, too! Summer is all about family-time, and your dog definitely qualifies as family. You want his summer to be as fun and stress-free as possible, too, don’t you?

So here are some things to think about as you’re planning for summer fun with your dog. Read more...

St. Louis Dog Training Dog Walking

A Totally Biased Product Review! Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Yes, yes - For those of you who know that I work for Nature's Variety, the manufacturer of Instinct Raw Boost Mixers you probably aren't surprised they serve as my #1 go-to training treat. However, Mixers have so many benefits and so many uses, whether you work for the company or not, it's hard to argue that these small little bites of freeze dried raw goodness aren't the tastiest, most useful product in the natural pet food industry.

Here's why I love Mixers, and why you should, too:
  • They are delicious and healthy - Mixers are made of meat, organ, bones, fruits and vegetables and minerals. So many training treats on the market are scrumptious, says the dog, but are they really healthy? Mixers are raw, but with the moisture removed. To over-simplify, the moisture is "vacuumed" out at a cold temperature, not cooked out. That means all the nutrients are left in-tact. and your dog reaps the nutritional benefits of fresh (not cooked) food.
  • They're versatile - Mixers were really intended to be a appetite stimulating mixer/topper for finicky pets. But guess what? They are perfect for so many other uses: training treats, use in food toys like the Kong Wobbler and a high-value-but-small reward for tolerating grooming and vet visits.
  • Your dog (and cat) will go crazy for them - "I don't need my pet to be more crazy" you might say. Agreed, but when you properly control access to any high-value motivator, it's easier to teach and reinforce good behavior when you need it the most.
  • They're way more convenient than real meat - Mixers are super-convenient to stash anywhere around the house, carry with you on walks or even store in your car, like I do. Being easily accessible means that you can quickly reward your dog for random acts of good behavior virtually anywhere. When you reward for good behavior, you'll get that behavior from your dog more often.
Convinced yet? Good, because I wouldn't steer you wrong. Instinct Raw Boost Mixers are sold at virtually all pet specialty retail stores and through online retailers. And remember, you're supporting a local St. Louis-based company when you purchase Mixers. Click here for a product locator and enjoy! (Click the "Find Me" button and enter your zip code.)
St. Louis Dog Training Dog Walking

Charitable Feature: Best Friends Animal Society

In April, I was presented with the opportunity to visit Best Friends’ Animal Society in Kenab, Utah. For those who don’t know where Kenab is, it’s about 3.5 hours northeast of Las Vegas, NV by car. Best Friends is a national organization that serves a couple functions. Not only do they operate several animal shelters across the country, but they financially support a network of about 1,400 other shelters nationwide, all with a mission to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets, and a vision of a better world through kindness to animals. (You may remember that Best Friends hosts an annual “Strut Your Mutt” fundraising walk here in St. Louis every fall.)

In my time there, I was able to tour the sanctuary, Best Friends’ flagship shelter facility and headquarters, home to about 1,700 dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, pigs, goats, mules, sheep and 1 donkey. Read more...

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