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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Economics holds the smoking gun for why e-cigarettes shouldn’t be discouraged

Smoking and other tobacco use is not a disease, it is a consumption decision. So attempts to understand it through the lens of medicine, rather than that of welfare economics [...] create confusion, absurd claims, and bad public policy. These errors are particularly harmful in discussions about low risk alternatives to smoking, part of what is known as “tobacco harm reduction”.


E-cigarettes can help eliminate smoking in 30 years: Research

Smoking, which can cause several ailments including cancer, can soon become a thing of the past if quality and diversity of vaping products continue to increase, and costs continue to fall, economists have estimated. “If product quality and diversity continue to increase, and costs continue to fall, within 20 years vaping could cut smoking rates by 50 percent or more. [...]


Petition To Stop Publix Heiress From Fighting Medical Marijuana Has 41,000 Signatures

The petition was started by Heidi Handford, whose husband has been a medical marijuana user since the 1970s. She says she feels betrayed. “The money I was spending on groceries was being used to take down the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative,” Handford writes in the petition. “I feel betrayed by a corporation I used to patronize.”


Protecting plain tobacco packaging against industry influence

Canada's public consultation on plain packaging for tobacco requires strict guidelines to protect against interference by the tobacco industry, and media must also be wary, according to a commentary in CMAJ. The Canadian government's public consultation on plain packaging of tobacco products, as a public health measure, will close Aug. 31, 2016.


In our opinion: New FDA age and advertising limits for e-cigarettes a positive move

The Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision to impose regulations on e-cigarettes is a welcome move, and it is an important signal the government intends to stem what has become a threat to the health of the nation’s youth. The FDA’s tight regulation of traditional tobacco cigarettes over nearly 50 years has shown that science and reasonable restrictions can turn public opinion against harmful practices, [...]


Colorado to decide whether to triple cigarette tax

Colorado voters will decide in November whether to triple cigarette taxes after tobacco sales rose for the first time since the last state tax increase in 2004. An initiative certified Monday for the November ballot would raise the state tax from 84 cents to $2.59 per pack starting Jan. 1. That’s nearly a dollar more than the $1.63 national average, according to the state health department.


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