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Daily Digest - Monday, 27 June 2016
GFN 2016 
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New Study: 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes.
More than six million smokers in the European Union have quit smoking and more than 9 million have reduced smoking consumption with the use of electronic cigarettes, according to a study published today in Addiction. Scientists from the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research analyzed the data from the 2014 Eurobarometer on smoking and the use of the electronic cigarettes. [...]

‘Considerable proportion’ of cancer patients keep smoking despite risks, study finds

Not even cancer can be enough to scare smokers off cigarettes, suggests new Canadian research that shows a significant proportion keep smoking after being handed a cancer diagnosis. Researchers found “minimal differences” in smoking behaviours between those with cancer and those without. [...] evidence shows smoking blunts the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, meaning lower survival; [...]


The Secret To Altria's Success

The e-cigarette industry has filed a lawsuit against the FDA, claiming that recently proposed regulations are anti-competitive and protect Big Tobacco at the expense of alternative smoking manufacturers. The regulation in contention requires manufactures of tobacco products, including e-cig and vaping device producers, to obtain a pre-market tobacco application before being approved for continued availability on the market.


Tobacco Heating System (THS) 2.2 cardiovascular disease risk assessment

Moira Gilchrist from Philip Morris International Science talks about the Tobacco Heating System and cardiovascular risk.


NZ cigarette plain packaging law would see Imperial Tobacco sue for compensation

If New Zealand brings in "plain packaging" for cigarettes, Imperial Tobacco will fight for compensation, its global spin doctor says. But Dr Axel Gietz said he hadn't done the calculations on how much compensation the global tobacco giant would want. This year could see New Zealand introduce plain packaging laws, reducing cigarette packs to unattractive uniform boxes [...]


Polly Gillespie: Why I really quit smoking

I stopped smoking because I'm vain. I began to notice that older women who smoked looked like "older women who smoked". They had lined lips and a strange skin thing I hadn't noticed before: A dull, dirty, dead look to the skin. It was almost like the skin had given up and stopped regenerating. This was just my observation, of course. Then there was the hair. The hair on older smoking women looked dry, [...]


E-cigarettes for patients with poor mental health: a journey

Louise Ross, Manager of Leicester City Stop Smoking Service talks about the development of workable policies that allow patients with poor mental health to use e-cigarettes instead of smoking in in-patient settings.


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