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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 16 March 2016

E-cigarettes face restrictions for public use from Welsh Assembly vote

E-cigarettes could be banned in public places where children are present in a landmark vote in the Welsh Assembly. The Labour-controlled government in Cardiff Bay is hoping to pass its Public Health (Wales) Bill in the Senedd on Wednesday. If passed, the Bill would become a UK first and would restrict the use of nicotine inhaling devices in certain public places [...]


In vitro tests of Vype vapor reveal no cell stress, [...]

A series of cell-based tests developed to compare the biological impact of cigarette smoke with e-cigarette vapour revealed no activity in cells exposed to vapour from Vype ePen, a commercially available e-cigarette. [...] The use of these tests to assess the biological impact of e-cigarettes was reported by scientists from British American Tobacco [....]


Experts Come Out Of The Woodwork To Slam Gov. Cuomo’s Sister [...]

Cuomo, a contributor for Huff Po, argued e-cigarettes are “at least as harmful to your health as regular tobacco cigarettes.” [...] The problem with her statements is that they are entirely inaccurate, experts pointed out to The Daily Caller News Foundation. [...] “It’s appalling and it’s ignorant,” said Sally Satel, a practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of Medicine [...]


Physician in Huffington Post Video Declares [...]

In the video, Dr. Cuomo claims that: "E-cigarettes will raise your risk for lung cancer but also other cancers, like liver cancer." [...] There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. E-cigarettes have not been shown to increase the risk of lung cancer, or any cancers for that matter. It is not even clear where the purported link with liver cancer comes from.


Nine of out 10 pregnant smokers 'still use cigarettes [...]

Motherhood doesn’t help women kick the habit, according to study showing that nearly 90 per cent of pregnant smokers were still using cigarettes when their babies were born. Most women smokers quit spontaneously when they find out they are pregnant. [...] only a “minority” of women who tried to quit during pregnancy were successful in maintaining abstinence to the end of pregnancy.


The Times disgracefully goes to bat for Big Tobacco

I am the author of a measure that protects the public against exposure to electronic cigarettes and requires these devices, and their associated liquids, to be sold in child-resistant packaging. [...] One week ago your editorial board criticized the lack of regulation of e-cigarettes. Yet you now insist that regulating them in California “tramples” on the rights of smokers?


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