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Daily Digest - Monday, 11 July 2016 

Commission vows to tackle illicit tobacco trade ‘by its own means’

The European Commission will focus on the new tobacco directive, as well as accords with the World Health Organisation to fight against illicit tobacco trade, following the expiration a 12-year deal with Marlboro-maker Philip Morris. The Commission decided last week to end an anti-smuggling deal with tobacco firm PMI. “Fight against illegal trade in tobacco will continue,” the EU source explained.


Self-Reports of Smoking in Pregnancy Unreliable

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk for low-birth weight delivery, stillbirth, and infant death, with nicotine exposure alone associated with increases in vasoconstriction and possibly fetal growth restriction. Their study focused on nicotine exposures during the last few days of pregnancy, measured through mass spectrometry analysis of urine cotinine levels.


UAE’s smoking ban must go much further to protect passive smokers, health experts say

The Federal Law on Tobacco Control from 2009 was introduced by Dubai Municipality in 2014 but it only bans smoking in public places such as buses and sports venues, and sale of tobacco products to people under 18 and at cafes and restaurants in residential areas. There is no provision for smoking in bars, cafes or restaurants away from residential areas.


Methadone, Needle Exchanges and E-Cigarettes: Puritanism As Policy

We’ve seen this kind of Puritanical response to health issues before in America, like with needle exchanges and methadone for drug addiction. That same fetish for the precautionary principle, what government scientists criticize when it comes to GMO foods and vaccines, was once common for needle exchanges and is in vogue when it comes to e-cigarettes now.


Uruguay defeats tobacco giant in court dispute

In a lengthy decision published on Friday, the ICSID said it had ruled to dismiss Philip Morris’ demand that the regulations be withdrawn, or not applied to the company, or that it be paid $22 million in damages instead. It ordered the tobacco company to pay Uruguay $7 million and to cover “all the fees and expenses of the Tribunal and ICSID’s administrative fees and expenses.”


La verdad sobre el Vapeo - GFN 2016 Varsovia

Interviews and a summary of GFN 2016 recorded and compiled by Spanish m.o.v.e


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