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Issue 2.1, January 2021


Mitsui Chemicals Group spearheads UV +420cut Lens Technology*

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Introducing the latest UV +420cut Lens Technology, we are setting new standards for ophthalmic health. What’s unique about this technology is its ability to withstand intense Ultraviolet rays. That otherwise cause sunburn, cataracts, and Age-related Macular Degeneration to the human eye over prolonged exposure to High energy visible light. 

The lenses developed using the cutting edge UV +420cut lens technology, limits the spectrum of visible light that enters the eye to the bandwidth of 400-420 nm.
This phenomenon guarantees a consistent ophthalmic comfort & an assured quality of vision as it doesn’t affect the way the colours appear to your eyes. Mitsui chemicals India has put together all its customer needs for a truly first-class experience with its elegant fashionable eyewear that’s built with UV +420cut lens technology.

*This is a correction to the previously disseminated Newsletter (Issue 2, January 2021) viz. Mitsui Chemicals Group is not a Lens Maker and continues to render only its advanced chemical technology for the same.



Mitsui Chemicals India conducts Installation of Solar Operated Street Lights & Water purifier cum cooler

For the past few years, Mitsui Chemicals India has been funding and jointly preparing innovative programs with prestigious support from NGO’s.

Mitsui Group has significantly contributed towards the improvement and well-being of society in one way or the other. In this January 2021, Mitsui Chemicals India has taken one such initiative of implementing solar operated street light facility and installing water purifiers that come with a cooler at Gram Panchayat, Primary School which is located in Sari Village, Ahmedabad district in Gujarat. Likewise, similar solar-operated street lights have been installed in Swastik Industrial Estate that is located around the Mitsui Group’s Solar lab. 

Thanks to our team, the villagers including Gram Panchayat Administration, Neighbourhood companies, and NGO Sakshi for being supportive throughout the event and making this initiative a grand success. 

Feeling proud & Plunging forward, Mitsui Chemicals India hopes to implement plenty of such initiatives shortly.



Mitsui Chemicals India unveils new product LUMBER as a replacement for PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

As the name suggests, LUBMER is a self-lubricating polymer. Created by Mitsui with advanced Polymerization technology, LUBMER is an Injectable and Extrudable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP-PE) that is engineered for enhanced performance when compared to PTFE. In general, traditional UHMW-PE is used in tribological applications for its excellent abrasion resistance property. But what makes PTFE inferior is the high viscosity that makes it inappropriate for Injection & extrusion applications in automotive parts.

LUBMER has proven to be reliable in terms of both Tribological and Mechanical properties. This modified engineering plastic can be built using any of the base polymers such as NYLON, PBT, PC, POM, and PBS.

Here’s a list of properties exhibited by LUBMER:
High Mechanical Strength,
Chemical Resistance
High Abrasion Resistance
Low Coefficient of Friction
Low Water Absorption



Mitsui Chemicals Introduces a Thermoplastic Vulcanizate - “MILASTOMER”

MILASTOMER produced by Mitsui Chemicals is a thermoplastic resin that possesses the sustainability of a Polyolefin elastomer. The sheer durability and flexibility of Milastomer are greater when compared to regular vulcanized rubber.

Characteristic properties such as Low Density, Recyclability, High Elasticity, Chemical resistance, Weatherability, Thermal adhesiveness, and Fluidity makes MILASTOMER a versatile polymer for automotive utility.
Besides, the low Crystalline behaviour of Milastomer provides an aesthetical appeal at its application.

The diverse applicability of Milastomer in the areas such as Building materials, Sporting goods, Home appliances, and Consumer goods (Tooth Brush, Drain Pipe, etc.) outshines its ability as a Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. 


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